When You Live at the Beach

When I tell people where I live, the most common response is, “LUCKY!”  Yes, I confess, I am a beach dweller.  It’s less than 20 minutes from my house to this …

image via www.jekyllisland.com

or this …

image via flicker: k*adams

It is wonderful to live here!  Nestled on the Georgia coast, one hour south of Savannah and one hour north of Jacksonville, FL, Brunswick and the Golden Isles are a treasure waiting to be unwrapped.

Obviously, there are beaches … and golf courses … and rivers for kayaking.   Both Jekyll and St. Simons Islands have amazing biking trails and there are RV parks by the dozens.   There’s a water park and the Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll – both great attractions for kids.  On on St. Simons you can take a trolley tour of the island and watch the fishers on the pier until late in the night. In downtown Brunswick you can visit Glynn Academy, one of the first high schools in the state. {This is an amazing campus!}

Oh, and there is food.  Lots and lots of food.   Seafood at places like Crabdaddy’s and Latitude 31 abound.  And of course there are local favorites like Barbara Jean’s, The Fourth of May, Brewburgers, and SeaJay’s.   In fact, for a whole listing of the incredible places to eat check out Come Coast Awhile.  I promise you’ll find something everyone will love.    {And if you can only eat at one place – go to Willie’s Wee-Nee Wagon and order the steak or pork chop sandwich.  I promise you will thank  me for this recommendation!!}

One of my favorite things about living here is the multitude of historic places to be visited.   Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Ft. Frederica
  • The Jekyll Island Club {I recommend lunch at The Crane Cottage.}
  • Christ Church
  • Historic Old City Hall in downtown Brunswick
Jekyll Club Hotel, image via www.jekyllclub.com Christ Church, image via www.christchurchfrederica.com

There is so much to do in our area … and then if you consider all the attractions of Savannah {an hour north}, Jacksonville {an hour south}, Charleston {3 hours north}, and Orlando {3 hours south} … and so much inbetween!  We’ve been here for ten years and still haven’t done everything on my “Want to See and Do” list.

So, I guess the reality is, even when you live at the beach, there’s always more to discover and more to find!

If you’re ever on the Coast in Georgia, let me know!  I’d love to meet you for a Big Willie burger at Willie’s or crab cakes at Barbara Jean’s, maybe for a jazz concert in front of the lighthouse on St. Simon’s or to watch some turtle hatching on Jekyll.   Or we could just spread out a blanket and watch the sunrise at the Pier and then move to watch the sunset on Driftwood Beach.   At any rate, we’d have fun and see much of the beauty God has created!

Come back tomorrow for all sorts of links to other amazing places around the United States!  Many thanks to Toni and Carrie for organizing this great group of ideas for staycating all over the US!

So, what would you take me to do if I visited your town?

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  1. In 2007 the Farmer and I took a cross country driving trip – 53 days, 32 states, (we live in California); Jekyll Island was definitely a high light of our trip.

  2. My husband and I are absolutely in love with Jekyll Island. We were down in April, but planning another three-day weekend for the end of June. Amazing island!

  3. The hubby and I just moved to this area and so far we have seen Jekyll Island (beautiful, like you said). My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks and you have given me some other ideas of things to do and places to see when she comes. Thank you.

  4. We live in Savannah but Jekyll Island is our favorite local getaway. We also got engaged there 🙂 It’s so pretty!

  5. My best friend lives in Brunswick and I visited last year. Jekyll Island was beautiful and I can’t wait to go back. If I do I’ll contact you! I’d love to have lunch!


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