What Matters Most

{My dear friend Marci from Overcoming Busy has one of the kindest, gentlest hearts of anyone I have ever known.  And her current series, “What Matters Most,” is a perfect example of her genuine desire to encourage others to overcome busy and pursue those things that matter.  She asked me to share my heart with her readers and I am honored to do so. }

So much of life these days is frantic, rushed, hurried.  And the older I get, the more I find myself resisting that sense of urgency that seems to rule our days.   Instead, I’m drawn to a slower pace, a less busy lifestyle.  More time to read and take a nap, to try to new recipes or watch “Gone with the Wind” with my girl.  Certainly there are tasks to be completed, things that must be done … but even then, I long for a heart that is focused on savoring moments not checking things off the never-ending list.

When Marci asked me to share in this incredible series about “What Matters Most,” my first thought was simply this:

What matters most to me is raising a daughter who loves the Lord and sees her life as an offering to Him.


… you can read the rest of this post at Overcoming Busy.

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