Choosing Rest

Remember when I shared that rest is often a sudden stop?   Today, I’m embracing that truth.  Yes, there are still boxes to unpack and laundry to do and an empty fridge and pantry and the list goes on and on … but I’m choosing rest today.

In fact, I’m choosing to leave this house so I am not even tempted to do anything else.  {That speaks volumes about my personality, I suppose … I have to remove myself from the temptation to keep pushing through and get it all done.   It’s real here, people, if nothing else, it’s real!}

So, I’m offline … and away from the house.   In fact, I’ll probably turn off the cell phone and just enjoy a few hours at the pool.    Today, I’m resting … body, mind, and soul.

How about you?   How do you take that sudden stop?   Are you willing to trust God and rest?

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