Happy Fourth of July!

A few weeks ago, we spent some time in the Smoky Mountains and visited an old cemetery in Cade’s Cove.   There were tombstones there for men who had fought and died in the Revolutionary War all the way up to those who had lost their lives in the Gulf War.

As I wandered through this beautiful, hallowed place, I wondered why it is that we take our freedoms so lightly.   Not just our freedoms as citizens of the United States but even more, our freedoms in Christ.

All freedom comes through high price.    In fact, I cannot think of one instance where freedom has come without bloodshed … and don’t we do a disservice to those men and women who have paid the highest price when we fail to live in the fullness of our freedoms?

And don’t we do a disservice to that Man who paid the ultimate price we we fail to share the gift of freedom through salvation with those in bondage around us?

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