{Top Ten} Quotes from 31 Days to a Better Spouse

WOW!  I am blessed with some amazingly gifted friends.   Some who can make all things beautiful, some who are true grace-seekers, and many who are incredible writers.   Today, I’m sharing ten of my favorite quotes from Ashley Pichea’s new eBook, 31 Days to a Better Spouse.   I’m a huge fan of Ashley’s because she is down-to-earth and has a true encourager’s heart.   As soon as she said she was writing this devotional/prayer guide, I knew it was something I would value and use.



And it is!   If you, like me, have used (and loved!) Stormie Omartian’s Power of a Praying Wife book, this resource will thrill you!   Ashley’s concise writing style and inclusion of Scripture into each devotion provide a simple yet powerful tool for wives (or husbands!) to use daily to pray for their spouses.   Here’s a taste of what 31 Days to a Better Spouse offers:
  1. Prayer is the means through which we are changed in our own lives, and it is the means through which we see change in the lives of others. It is through prayer that you can have the power to change your spouse. But, beware – through prayer, you too, will experience change!
  2. If we do not know what the will of God is for our spouses, the prayers we pray for them are powerless and will end only in frustration for us.  God promises to give us whatever we ask for “in His name” – and thus we must yield our hearts and our wills to His, that we might know how to pray for our spouses.
  3. It is so easy to turn our eyes on ourselves when faced with decisions, God. I pray that my spouse would fix his eyes on You. I pray that he would make wise and godly decisions for his own life, as well as our life together. I pray that he would seek to bring You glory through his decision-making process.
  4. However, I know in my heart and mind that I if I am at that top of his priority list, life will not be pleasant for long. Life revolving around myself sounds like a dream-come-true, but I have a feeling it’s not.
  5. Attitude sets the tone for life – each moment is affected by the attitude with which we approach it. One’s attitude can make or break a situation.
  6. Father, I pray that my spouse would not coast through his spiritual life on “cruise control,” but that he would continually and intentionally put himself in a place of grace – a place where he can learn and grow and mature.
  7. Obedience to the Word of God is essential for each of us. As we learn truths, we must move beyond head knowledge to heart knowledge, applying the truths and living in obedience to them. It is not enough to know what the Bible says – we must also allow it to change how we live.
  8. Pray that your spouse would not only have the Source of joy, but that he would regularly access and exude that joy.
  9. Devotion to the Word, though, is not the same as desire for the Word. It’s one thing to have regular time in the Word out of duty and routine and another thing completely to crave the Word of God.
  10. When we immerse ourselves in prayer, we meet God on a new and deeper level. We learn to think His thoughts after Him, and our will is changed to match His will.


All the emphasis is mine … but the truth is, I could have bolded and underlined and highlighted the entire book!


The best part is, this incredible resource is only $4.99!   I highly recommend 31 Days to a Better Spouse and am anxiously waiting to see what resource Ashley develops next!

So tell me, how do you pray for your spouse?  

{full disclosure:  The link to purchase is an affiliate links and I will receive a commission if you purchase through it.  The opinions about this book are entirely my own … and my decision to become an affiliate was based on my belief that this book is a valuable resource for everyone’s library!}

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