Let Down the Nets

The final session of .MOM was Priscilla Shirer … and she was fantabulous!  Using Luke 5:1-11 as her text, Priscilla shared how Peter had left his boat after a disappointing and unsuccessful night of fishing … and yet Jesus used that very boat to teach the crowds, and Peter, AND US!!, “He sees you! We serve a God who sees the deck of disappointment on the boat of your life.  We serve a God who sees the boat of our circumstances and He cares!”

With a challenge to consider what boats we have abandoned in our own lives, Priscilla reminded all of us that Jesus often uses the discouraging places in our lives as a pulpit to share His message of encouragement with others.

“The very season we want to step out of are the ones He wants to step into.”

Y’all, that will preach!!!

Jesus challenged Peter in verse 4 to “put out in the deep.”  Sometimes Jesus calls us to do the exact opposite of what our experience has taught us.   In verse 5 Peter responds, “But at Your word I will let down the nets.”

Ouch!  Just like Angie challenged us to embrace the beautiful devastation of motherhood, Priscilla reminded us, “Often our greatest season of sanctification is happening right now as we mother our children.”   When Christ calls us to the depths of ourselves, to be laid waste before  Him, do we respond as Peter did?

But at Your word, I will let down the nets.”

How do you respond to this call?   Will you let down the nets?


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