Overflowing Grace

After an evening of yelling and crying and overflowing YUCK, she was in bed asleep and I found myself overwhelmed by how quickly life’s circumstances – even the really small stuff – can gain the upper hand in my heart.

That old self talk began …

  • “You’re a terrible mom!”
  • “She is not going to want to be close to you.”
  • “You’re going to mess this up so bad.”
  • “Failure.”

Weary from the day, all I wanted was to go to bed and start over.  The ache in my heart and lies in my head made crawling into a hole and disappearing sound like the best option.

I knew better … I know better.


Join me today at MOD Squad for  my monthly Parenting from the Overflow column.  Today, it’s all about grace.

May I share something else with you this Monday morning?  My dear, wise friend and fellow Scripture Dig writer, Kathy Howard has started Monday Minute in the Word on her blog.   An opportunity to begin your week by soaking in a passage of Scripture … this week it’s Psalm 111.   Perhaps your heart is weary and heavy from the week behind or maybe the week ahead is looming over you,  God’s Word is a balm to our souls.  Will you join her as she encourages us to begin our week focused on Him?  I’ll see you there!!

Read the Psalms this summer with Scripture Dig!

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