Have Yourself a {Mary} Little Christmas – Part 4

But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.  Luke 2:19

We’ve come full circle, back to the young mother of the Savior.

Can you see her?  Sitting in a small home, barren of any luxury … and yet she’s smiling.   Eyes closed but face glowing with the peace that comes from within.

Mary treasured the moments.    And I imagine as Jesus grew into a man and ultimately was crucified then ascended to heaven, Mary went back to a night in stable with dirty shepherds and smelly sheep.  I bet she recalled an unbelievable visit by Magi who brought gifts she could not imagine.   She probably thought about a late night move to Egypt and finally being able to come back to her home in Nazareth.

She probably saw a boy sitting with the rabbis in the Temple and a son working side-by-side with his father in a small carpenter’s shop.   I would guess she remembered the words of praise offered about Jesus’ miracles and that her heart fell when she also remembered the words of hatred that put Him on the cross.

Yes, Mary had moments to treasure … moments that she could never have dreamed when she was that young virgin mother cradling a newborn in her arms.

She had seen and heard and experienced.  And she gives us the final key to a Mary Christmas … Treasure the moments.

We all know how time passes and the days are fleeting.   Scott and I have discussed how we miss buying from the Barbie aisle and we’ve looked with a little bit of longing at the old videos and books the girl used to love.

The thing is … time is going to pass.   We know it.   But we have a choice about what we give attention to in the time we have.   Again I quote my wise friend Ann Voskamp,

Do not disdain the small.   The whole of life – even the hard – is made up of the minute parts, and if I miss the infinitesimals, I miss the whole. (57)

Treasure the moments.   The cookies that burn.  The tree that’s lopsided.  Driving around to look at lights.   Watching “The Grinch.”  Opening a gift early because you just couldn’t wait.

This requires that we slow down … that we say no to some things.  That we lower our expectations.   That we let go of our need to control.

But it’s worth it!  So, so, so very worth it!

How have you learned to treasure the moments?


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