Monday Morning Blahs?

Did this Monday morning find you behind, exhausted, stressed, and just plain worn out?  

Yeah, me too!

Will you join me at MOD Squad {even if you are not the mother of a daughter, today’s post is for you!} where I am sharing about our Overflowing Hope?

Hope, Encouragement,

And don’t forget about Have Yourself a {Mary} Little Christmas … we’ll be looking at the final two keys to a Mary Christmas on Wednesday and Thursday.  If you missed any of those posts you can catch up!

Introduction, Part 1, Part 2, and some bonus thoughts from my grandmother

Mary Christmas

Oh and tomorrow I’ll be sharing ten easy homemade gifts!   So, Monday blahs or not, it’s going to be a busy week around  here.

What’s on your agenda for the week ahead?

Read the Psalms this summer with Scripture Dig!

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