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One of the best parts of blogging is meeting amazing people and having the opportunity to partner with incredible ministriesToday, I’d like to share with you about Freeset USA and one of the women they are helping.

Meet Kajori …

Freeset USA, holiday giving, ministry, india, human trafficking
“After the first meeting with Kerry I promised that if I got the job I would quit the line…” It might be 10 years since that meeting happened, but Kajori remembers it clearly, “After training was completed, Kerry then asked who was willing to quit the line. I was the first one to say ‘Yes.’”
Her commitment was never in doubt, but learning the new job didn’t come easily. She recalls the first order they worked on, “I made 50 bad gussets. Kerry was very particular, so I had to re-sew 50 gussets… For one year it was really hard to pick up the work. But we worked really hard. Sometimes we worked late into the night… I promised that whatever salary I was given I would quit the line and would never look back. The day I got my first salary was the most memorable day of my life. That day I chose the path of freedom.”Kajori notes that the freedom offered through Freeset is not only for women who are in the sex trade, but also the second generation girls, whose mothers are in line. “When I was given the job of recruiting women in line, I was very excited. But I was not sure how to convince the women. But there are many women who deliberately want freedom. That is my motivation and gives me satisfaction in this job.”

Kajori’s smile is infectious. She has not only found freedom from the line, but she has also gained respect from her community because of her new profession. “Many people talk to us respectfully when they know we work at Freeset… At Freeset we totally forget where we come from. To Kerry (Freeset’s co-founder), we are either his mother or sister.”

Freeset USA, india, human trafficking

Freeset is located in Calcutta, India, helping to free women from human trafficking by providing them employment with dignity through sewing bags. Every woman is provided medical insurance, retirement, daycare for their children, classes to learn how to read and write, and three times the wage they would receive “in line.” Join us every day December 1-12 in Freeset’s Freedom Tour of 12 Days of Freedom with Freeset and become a part of the freedom story. Watch our video, shop our bags, change lives


We can make a difference … whether we buy goats, bake cookies, or carry a great bag.  We we choose to give beyond ourselves, we are offering life, the opportunity experience big living to others.   During this holiday season – and all year long, isn’t that a passion we all need to embrace?

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