A Sweet Devotion

I am not sure when I first connected with Carey Bailey but I remember thinking she had to be the sweetest person online.  Her smile lights up my computer screen – even in tiny avatar form.  Her tweets are filled with kindness and grace and her blog posts are among the most encouraging words on the internet.  Look at this sweet face:

Her “official” bio says this: Carey Bailey is a recovering perfectionist, wife, proud mama and Family Life director for her church in Surprise, Ariz. On the side she loves party planning, crafting, and pursuing her dream of writing. She has a degree in religion from Westminster College and writes at her blog at www.careybaileyonline.com.   But if I were writing it, I’d say Carey is an encourager of women, a celebrator of mothers, and a lover of Jesus Christ.

Suffice it to say, when Carey asked me about reviewing her new product, I was thrilled to say yes.   When the box arrived and I opened it, I literally squealed!  I mean, if you opened a package and found this inside, what would you do?

Mine is sitting on the window sill by my kitchen sink and the words on each card are like a beautifully-wrapped gift of grace and encouragement every morning.   Here’s what Carey says about why she created it:

“When I became a mom I lost my God time,” says Carey Bailey. “I couldn’t figure out how to fit it in, since everything but that time was a priority. So I made note cards that I set around my house with scriptures written on them. Even when my arms were too full of babies, laundry, and diapers to pick up a Bible, I could easily read God’s words of encouragement that I was starving for.”  And Cravings–The Devotional was born.

This little set of cards is perfect for a quick reminder at the beginning of the day or a word of comfort as a long day draws to a close. Cravings is a collection of card-size devotionals based on the Psalms. They are written to help mothers develop their relationship with God in the midst of motherhood.

Each card contains a scripture for the day, a “thoughtlet,” and an action idea. As moms crave the sweet morsels from God’s Word, they can draw a card from a delectable Cravings holder—a pink cupcake!—that also displays the daily card for hands-free viewing. Versatile enough to fit with any feminine décor in a dining nook, a prayer closet, a kitchen–wherever you‘d want Scripture at your fingertips. If you find you need Cravings around the home, just one may not be enough!

Cravings can be a mom’s daily devotional, a supplement to her regular quiet time, or even doubled up during the day. The set of 40 cards offers over a month’s worth of Cravings in whatever way serves the spiritual needs of individual moms.

How genius is that? And all wrapped up in an adorable cupcake package.  

And because Carey has a heart for encouraging other moms, she is offering this amazing Minute-for-Mom gift pack!

One grand prize winner will receive:

  • $50 gift card to Erin Condren Shop (Your one-stop-shop for all things awesome!)
  • $50 gift card to Victoria’s Secret® (For something pretty.)
  • $25 gift card to Bath & Body Works® (For a little spa treatment.)
  • 2 Sets of Cravings – The Devotional (For you and a friend.)
  • Scentsy Plug In and 2 Bars (A lovely scent for your space.)

Hurry, the giveaway ends on 5/12/12. The winner will be announced 5/14/12 on Carey’s blog!

Just click one of the icons below to enter! Tell your friends about Carey’s giveaway on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and increase your chances of winning.

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I’m thrilled to be able to share about this great product and encourage you to take a moment to enter this Minute-for-Mom giveaway!  But most of all, I encourage you to purchase Cravings – The Devotion.  You will love it!!  I promise.
Go … now!  What are you waiting for!! 🙂

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