Top Ten Reasons to Join Me for #B90Days This Summer

The Bible in 90 Days.  The WHOLE Bible in 90 days.  Sounds like a herculean task, doesn’t it?   I won’t lie, it takes commitment and determination.  I learned a lot about myself when I did it a couple of years ago.   But I also learned so much about Scripture and the character of God.

I would LOVE for you to join me and my friends Stacey and Ruth as we read the Bible in 90 days this summer.  Actually, we’ll be reading the Bible in 99 days.  We’re starting on Memorial Day and will finish Labor Day.  As best I can tell, at least 80 women have already committed to joining us.  {A fact that leaves me in tears, y’all!}  We’ve have a  weekly link-up here on my blog where you can share (via blog post or in the comments) what God is teaching you and we’ve got this amazing Facebook group where the anticipation and enthusiasm are already building for our kick-off in just less than three weeks.

Bible in 90 Days

So, if you’re still on the fence, how about ten reasons you should join us?

  1. Community.   We’re building this amazing fellowship around the Word of God.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?
  2. Accountability.  We need each other and we need each other’s support if we’re going to dig deep and spend time in the Word.
  3. Focus.  Sometimes the summer months can drift by and we reach September finding we’ve accomplished nothing.  This summer, we’ll have done something amazing!
  4. Insight.  One of my favorite parts of reading the Bible in 90 days before was the fresh insight I gained on familiar passages.  For example, realizing that Jeremiah 29:11 is a promise that God made to the Israelites that AFTER they’d been in captivity, He still had a plan for their good.  That gave me a whole new outlook on that verse and the promise it contains.
  5. Discipline.  If you’ve ever struggled with developing a consistent time of Bible study and prayer (and who hasn’t!), this can be a great way to develop that discipline.
  6. Accomplishment.  Y’all, I have a tee shirt that announces that I read the Bible in 90 Days … and I wear it!  It is an accomplishment I’m proud of.  Not because I think it makes me a super saint but because I gained so much from the experience.
  7. Growth.  When we spend time in the Word, we experience growth.  God’s Word never comes back void and committing to this experience will result in growth in our lives – in ways we cannot today imagine.
  8. Understanding.  Reading through the whole Bible in three months helps us put pieces of the big story of Scripture together that we might miss when we read just small sections at a time.   Our understanding of ALL of Scripture will increase though this process.
  9. Application.  Honestly, some days I was just overwhelmed by how much the Lord showed me.  We will find new ways to apply Scripture to our lives as we do this thing.  I promise!
  10. Purpose.  The purpose of reading the Bible in 90 Days is not to do a deep study (I tried that the first time.  Disaster!).  Rather, it is to engage in Scripture by enveloping ourselves in the words, the Word, the story, His story.   I started out reading with a notebook in hand and within a week gave that up.  Instead I underlined passages and highlighted words but I read.  I simply read the Word of God.  I wasn’t looking for anything except the opportunity to encounter Him through Scripture.  And y’all – HE MET ME!

So, what about it?  Wanna join Ruth, Stacey, and me for 99 days, 66 books, One Amazing Summer?  We’d love to have you.

Here’s how you can connect:

  • Share your about page in the linky on my blog yesterday.
  • Join our Facebook group.
  • Use the #B90Days hashtag on Twitter.
  • Add this button to your blog sidebar and use it in your posts.
Grab the button code from my sidebar.

Are you in?

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    • It is an amazing experience, isn’t it? I did it a couple of years ago and was honestly shocked at how much it affected me. There is something so powerful about focusing so much energy into God’s Word in a short time.

  1. Hey, can you point me to the code for the button? I might have missed it somewhere. I’m new to this techy stuff 🙂



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