One Amazing Summer: #B90Days Readings Week 3

BIble in 90 Days Readings Week 3

each day’s reading divided into three sections

Here are the readings for this week.   I’m still trying to divide my readings into three sections a day to help me stop and refocus throughout the day.  I confess though, it’s been hard for me to do it this way.  For a list-making, check-it-off-it’s-done sort of girl, not being able to mark through the days reading until right before bedtime even though I started first thing in the morning has been tough. But the slowing down and intentionally stopping to read each afternoon as well as ending my day in Scripture has been good as well.

Don’t forget I’ve got a resources page with calendars and pages for taking notes on the readings as well.   And, of course, please check out all the awesome information and helps on the official Bible in 90 Days site.

Here’s to one amazing summer!

Read the Psalms this summer with Scripture Dig!


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