One Amazing Summer: When You Get Behind on #B90Days

So, I’m behind … a lot.  I’ve been in Charlotte for the Type A Parenting Conference (which is really a blogging conference) since Thursday.  I’m flying home today … and I’m five days behind on my reading.

I’d offer you all kinds of apologies and explanations but the truth is I’m not all that worried about being behind.  In fact, I’m not concerned at all.  Because I’m not doing this challenge so I can add it to my “List of Great Spiritual Accomplishments.”  Nor am I doing this so people will think I’m a super saint.

Getting behind, staying caught up, or being ahead isn’t the point.  For me, it’s just all about leaning in to the Word of God.

Maybe you’re a little (or a lot!) behind as well.  From me to you


I’m going to borrow a little theology from Dory on “Finding Nemo” and just keep swimming (or reading as the case may be).  And I’m inviting anyone else who is behind to do the same thing!

Behind in Bible in 90 Days Reading

If you’ve written a blog post about your Bible in 90 Days journey or what you’ve learned in the past week, please link up with us here.  I’ll leave this linky open for a few days so feel free to add if you write something later this week. And I’ve added a few more things to my Bible in 90 Days resources. You might want to check it out.

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that you’re stopping by and joining me?  I really am!  It’s an honor for me to have you here in this space.  So thank you!


Read the Psalms this summer with Scripture Dig!


  1. ummmm, I am super, uber behind. But resolved to keep plugging along. I may have to add a zero to the 90 day thing, or put a 1 in front of it 🙂

  2. I’m also behind but proud of myself for reading Gods word everyday!! Missed u while u where gone !

  3. phew – hall pass! Hubs went to s. america and stopped reading. So I stopped reading. Today I kicked myself for letting (cough) almost 3 weeks pass by just because he stopped. Can you see me standing before God pointing at him – “well, he stopped first”. SIGH

    picking up and reading on ! LOVE YOU


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