When a Moment Becomes Sacred

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I have to confess … this photo was not taken by me.

My camera was used but my girl caught this amazing shot.

Camera held tightly as she leaned over the couch and out the window, she whispered, “Mom, this is going to be a great one!”

As I watched her patiently wait for the squirrels to move closer, my throat closed and suddenly the moment became sacred.

How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! Psalm 139:17

The way I look at her, the love I have for her, the lengths I go for her … Nothing in comparison to the way God loves me.

How have you been reminded of God’s love lately?

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3 Replies to “When a Moment Becomes Sacred”

  1. The girl took a great picture. Let her know that I’m pinning it on my “Squirrel” Board.


  2. Good job on the pic! Yes, we never know when those moments will hit. Sometimes when I’m in the midst of praying for friends is when I am humbled and realize how very much God loves me.

  3. Adorable picture. Isn’t it amazing when a moment becomes something more then we ever expected.

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