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  1. A friend recently said to me, “We, as a church, have failed.” I struggled with her statement, not finding anywhere in scripture where a “seasoned saint” should expect the church to be and do for them. (I realize there is a lot more to this situation that would help it make sense, but I need to stay general for now.) This quote came at a time where I was struggling with this, and I realized how crucial it is for individuals to fulfill their role. To say that the church has failed really indicates a failure within the person who is saying it. Oh that is tough to say.
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    • Kari, I have struggled myself with this idea. Yes, there are times and places and ways where – as a whole – we, the body of Christ, have failed. But before I ever begin to lay too much responsibility with the Body, I realized I have to first consider what my role is, what my failures have been, and what my calling demands as a part of that Body.

      • Unfortunately, I see too much blaming of the church and not enough self reflection. Looking patterns in our lives and when reoccurring “church hurt” (especially when multiple churches are involved) keeps coming to the surface is a key, I think, into at least part of the remedy for the “failure of the church.” At least, this is what my experiencing is showing. I hold true to believing that I can only control myself, and that is where I need to focus for change. Another way to say it is that “small changes over time add up to make a big difference.”

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