Fresh Perspective

Fresh Perspective

About 13 years ago, I joined a lovely community of women on iVillage.  The group was called Speak Your Mind and we engaged in all sorts of conversation and healthy debate on topics from politics to parenting.   That was my first real introduction to the type of relationships that could be forged online.  The lovely ladies in that group made a scrapbook for my girl when she was born filled with all the words of encouragement and prayers and best wishes they had sent on that cold February day in 2000.

A few years later I got involved with a fabulous group of pastors’ wives—many of whom I now know in person.   From there I started blogging … first on MySpace (yikes!), then on Xanga and Blogger, before I finally moved to in 2010.  I was looking back at all those early blog posts—the first one was in 2004.  A lot has changed since then.  My daughter is in 7th grade, we’ve moved back to Alabama, I’ve turned 40, and so much more.  My blog has basically grown up with me.  From the early days of “Thoughts and Ponderings,” my desire has always been simply to encourage others to live well.

You might notice some thing different here at—my blog has a name again

Fresh Perspective

Over the past year, the word perspective just keeps coming up.  And, as I reflect over my life since I first started blogging, I realize that my perspective, the way I view life and people and situations, has changed in so many ways.

Perhaps it is a mellowing with age.  Maybe I’m getting wiser.  Or maybe I’ve finally realized that most things just are not that big a deal.   Perhaps it is some combination of all those.

I feel like I have been given the gift of a fresh perspective.   I’m learning to live big—with wide open faith and willingness to serve and love—but also to take notice of the small graces that fill each day—an extra ten minutes of sleep, a note from a friend, a good cup of coffee.

This place, this small little corner of the big world wide web … my hope is you will find that fresh perspective here with me, together we’ll live big without ever losing sight of the beautiful small.

Friend, I’m writing to you … wife, mom, employee, chef, carpooler, homeschooler, banker, learner, listener, friend.   Your presence in this space is a gift … and I am thankful for your companionship as we forge ahead on life’s journey together. 

Today is a really big day for me … not only has this beautiful new space been prayed over and opened up for you, but a huge project I’ve been working on since January has finally come to fruition!

Self-Publish: Moving from Idea to Product is now available.  Erin Ulrich and I are thrilled to be able to share what we have learned about self-publishing.  Blending the long-accepted principles of writing a great book proposal with the practical insights of design and formatting of a self-published book, Self-Publish is a resource for writers intrigued and/or intimidated by the world of self-publishing.   You can get all the details (and a special launch day price) by visiting the Self-Publish website.

Thank you, again, for joining me in this space.  I’m so glad you are here!

How has your perspective changed lately?

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  1. I was just listening to the soundtrack of Annie with Sarah… to quote one of the songs, “I know I’m gonna like it here.”

    Congratulations on self-publish and Fresh Perspective. The Lord is doing wonderful work through your words.

    Love you, friend.

  2. Absolutely lovely! There are so many new lovely things floating around today. So grateful to have gotten to watch you “grow up” on your blog friend. This one is the best yet 🙂

  3. This is beautiful, sister. You have always been an encouragment to me, the willing soul to gently push me over the edge. You have broadened my view, perspective if you will, and opened up a world of people, friends, and writing I never knew exsisted. I miss our regular talks, but know I am always in this space, watching and learning. I cannot wait to see what you keep bringing to the table!

    • I never dreamed having a sister could be such a precious thing … that my brother married you is the best gift he ever gave me!! I miss you too during this season of child-rearing and laundry-taming. But I cherish the sweet truth that you are only a phone call away. Thank you for your faithful prayers and encouragement. Love you!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful!! You and Erin have done an amazing job. I feel my heart strings pulling me back into writing, but there’s been a block there. I’m going to try to make more time to read others who inspire me (of which you do!). Thankful I’ve gotten to know you 🙂

  5. “Fresh Perspective” is a perfect name for your blog. God has gifted you with the ability to communicate well. Thank you for sharing your gift. Furthermore, you have been an encouragement to me. I found you after I had already started my blogs, which is a step in following God’s call in my life. I identify with “my desire has always been simply to encourage others to live well.” That is why I write. And I am certain I will be looking at what you have to say about self-publishing. By the way, my middle name is Lynne. Incidentally, you may notice I have put two different blog spots in my website space. I don’t have my own website; and I have no budget. I am just thankful to have a computer. And I am not complaining, I am also thankful to be writing in obedience to God’s call.

  6. Just this morning, I read three things that talked about getting a fresh or new perspective. One said to get God’s perspective. Somehow, my perspective has changed lately, but I am struggling to identify and describe the change. Been busy studying several topics at once and unable to get at some things I want to do and maybe just feeling out of sync. Not sure. Anyway, your post was confirmation of something… I think God is telling me to work on my perspective. Meeting with my accountability partner this morning, and we’ll talk more about this I’m sure.
    Kari Scare recently posted…Sunday Reflections: Are You Listening?My Profile

    • Kari, I think often our perspective changes over time, as life’s bends and twists cause us to reevaluate ourselves. I know exactly what you mean about “feeling out of sync.” That’s where I’ve been the past several months. But as I kept seeking and even at times struggling through the feeling of being “off,” I found the Lord so faithful to guide me to this place of peace with a new understanding of many things. Praying for you!

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