Fall Favorites: Thanksgiving Stockings

Fall Favorites 2012 www.terilynneunderwood.com

It’s one of my four favorite seasons … autumn!  I love the colors and smells and foods and traditions of fall.  So, I thought I’d share some of my favorites over the next few days.   First up, my absolute favorite Thanksgiving tradition here at The Underwood Abode:  Thanksgiving Stockings!  

Thanksgiving Stockings 2012 www.terilynneunderwood.com

Every year after the table is cleared and our bellies are stuffed with sweet potatoes and dressing and pumpkin pie, Scott and I give everyone who has gathered with us for the day a “Thanksgiving stocking.”  We’ve had years when it was just our little family of three and years when thirty people gathered at our harvest celebration.   But every year, we offer a little something to each person to mark the changing of the season from Thanksgiving to Christmas.   Last year I shared some ideas about what to include in a Thanksgiving stocking … mostly things that are great for kids.

But this year, our Thanksgiving table will be mainly grown-ups and I wanted to share some of the items we’ll be including.   First, though, let me tell you that the “stocking” this year is a not a stocking, but a bag of freedom!  Seriously!  I’m using the box bags from FreeSet this year to corral the goodies for our stockings.  FreeSet is this amazing ministry and I am thankful to partner with them and invite YOU to buy a bag and be a part of the freedom story!!  The box bags are $5 each and I’ve got so many ideas for how to use them I’ll be writing a whole post devoted to just that!  {Watch for it … later this week or early next!}  

Okay, so here’s what we’re adding to our stockings this year …

Thanksgiving Stocking Ideas www.terilynneunderwood.com

Do you wish you were coming to my house for Thanksgiving??  I’ve been gathering up all sorts of goodies for the past few months.  Here are some of the items our family will be digging out of their bags this year:

Redeemed Christmas Ornaments from Dayspring… I love these!!  I’ve chosen a different ornament for everyone (including one for myself!!) Which one is your favorite?

Thanksgiving Stocking Ornaments www.terilynneunderwood.com

I’ve also picked up some really cute pins for the ladies who will grace our table … I love vintage look.

Thanksgiving Stocking Pins www.terilynneunderwood.com

And we’ve got Avodah coffee (YUM!!), Christmas mugs from Dayspring, and pretty candles.

Thanksgiving Stockings www.terilynneunderwood.com

I found this cute little ornament for our girl.

Thanksgiving stockings www.terilynneunderwood.com

I’ll be using these miniature tile ornaments for gift tags on the Thanksgiving stockings and on some of our Christmas gifts.  The whole box of 18 ornaments was a mere $1.50!!

Thanksgiving Stockings www.terilynneunderwood.com

And, if I might make another suggestion for your Thanksgiving stockings … maybe a book or two?  😉

We love giving out Thanskgiving stockings with ornaments and other Christmas-y type things.  It’s definitely one of my favorite traditions around the holidays.  Another one of my favorite traditions is my Christmas series on my blog.  This year, we’ll be exploring redemption:

When God Draws Near www.terilynneunderwood.com

I hope you’ll join me on Mondays for this series and on December 10th I’ll have a 15-day devotional available to explore the story of redemption from Eden through Eternity.

Now, you tell me …. what is one of your fall favorites??

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  1. I love fall. Sadly, though, it’s over here. We got a few inches of snow yesterday so it’s definitely more wintery now.
    We’re having a very low-key Thanksgiving, just our small family. It will be wonderful because we’ll be together.

  2. just stumbled upon your blog/website … LOVE it. thank you and bless you.
    wondering where one can purchase those miniature tile ornaments for gift tags you’ll be using for name tags and in you’re Thanksgiving stockings? A whole box of 18 ornaments for $1.50!! … what a wonderful idea.
    would be most grateful if you could share
    thank you again for these creative ideas and yourself!
    blessings to you and yours
    Lisa Parrish

    • Lisa, I purchased mine at a local business. They are online but since they are a wholesale-type company, you cannot just buy small amounts. But I bet if you look online you can find someplace near you that sells something similar.


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