Look {Five Minute Friday}

Look Five Minute FridayLook.

Slow down and look.   I miss so much because I am not looking.  

I see … but I don’t look.

And it’s not just me.


We have a recurring conversation at our house.  It goes a little like this:

Momma:  Sweet girl, where is your jacket/library book/dance bag/lunch box/whatever?

Girl:  I don’t know.

Momma:  Please go look for it.

*twenty-four seconds pass*

Girl, breathlessly:  I didn’t see it.

Momma, slightly annoyed:  But did you look?

Girl, also slightly annoyed:  Yes.  But I didn’t see it.

Momma, with a long sigh:  Let’s go look together.

Girl says nothing because this is not her first time at this particular rodeo.

We go into her room where object in question is not immediately visible.

Girl, with confidence:  See, I told you!

Momma, as she moves items around and pulls out item in question:  You didn’t look.  Sometimes you won’t see what you need unless you look for it.


There’s a lesson there, y’all.  Sometimes we get so busy we fail to look.  And when we are not looking, we can miss the very lesson, blessing, or gift God has for us.

This weekend, will you slow down and look with me?


Joining the inspiring writers of the Five Minute Friday community, founded and led by the beautiful and hilarious Lisa-Jo Baker, our beloved Gypsy Mama.    Each Friday, Lisa-Jo offers us a prompt and we write … for five minutes without editing or worrying if we’re good enough, funny enough, spiritual enough, or anything else enough.  We just write.  It’s wonderful!  You can join the fun!

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  1. There’s definitely a lesson here. “Sometimes you won’t see what you need unless you look for it.” <–guilty as charged so I accept your challenge. Slowing down to see everything He intended for me to see.
    Thank you TeriLynne. My teenagers are growing too quickly, this is a timely reminder.

  2. YES!! You are so right! Even the most honorable things in life can distract us from looking unto HIM.
    May our eyes remain FIXED!

  3. Visiting from FMF. I have this conversation with my almost 16 year old all the time. lol About stuff in his room, stuff in the fridge, stuff in his backpack. You name it. I usually add “and move something before you come back and say you don’t see it” now. lol

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