Pre-Conference Jitters

In a few weeks I’ll be heading back to Harrisburg, PA, for the Allume (formerly Relevant) conference.  It’s a delightful weekend of catching up with my blogging buddies who have become the soul-sister kind of friends … and an opportunity to grow as both a writer and a believer.  This is my third year to attend and I have loved it every time.

This year I’ll be helping out at the Avodah Coffee table.  Have I mentioned how much I love the Avodah Blend?  Oh my word … best. coffee. ever.  Thanks to Jordan and Jessica for the honor of sharing your message of lives where work, serving, and worship become one.

The thing is, I get really (really!) nervous before attending a conference.   Oddly, I attend several conferences of different types each year and I get equally nervous before each one.  I’m basically an introverted dork who likes long conversations with one or two people way better than being in a group.  Also, I’m not as funny in real life as I think I am on the computer (because my hilarious husband isn’t right there to improve my wit level).

I also worry about a thousand other things like what if I don’t bring enough clothes, what if my flat iron dies while I’m gone, what if I get stuck on an elevator.  Oh wait!  That last one happened last year at Relevant.  See, some of my freakish fears are incredibly legit.

Okay, so I guess you get the picture right?  My fellow introvert and sweet friend Brooke hosts a linky each year before Allume so we can let our roomies know a little bit about us before we spend a weekend together.  My sweet roommate this year is the lovely Sarah Pinnix.  I adore her!  I’m thankful for her wisdom and encouragement and the precious friendship we have built through this crazy social media world.  Here’s a picture one of my Type-A roomies, Hillary, me, and Sarah.  (Photo taken by my other Type A roomie, another Sarah, Sarah Hubbell.) 


So, Sarah, though I imagine you know me pretty well, there are a few things I’d better tell you before we spend the weekend together.

  1. I set the alarm for an hour before I need to get up because I’m an optimist … I like to think I’m going to work out or spend extra time in prayer.  I’m not.  I’ll reset it after the second snooze when reality kicks in.
  2. I will only finish half of the cup of coffee I fix in our room.  I don’t know why but it always happens.  It’s weird. But for the rest of the day, I will leave my coffee cups bone dry.
  3. I’ll bring way too much jewelry and not enough shoes.  Both of these facts will become annoying to me.
  4. I am willing to stay up all night talking because there just will not be enough time to catch up if we sleep.
  5. If I do #4, I will be incredibly grumpy the next day.  It will require a nap to make me human again.
  6. I will pester you to death about Samaritan’s Purse and how I can be a part of sharing the message.  I am overwhelmed by the way you are using your abilities to further the Kingdom.
  7. I don’t know as much as politics as you do but I like to think I do … please don’t burst my bubble.
  8. I’m really hoping the Samaritan’s Purse, Avodah Coffee, and FreeSet tables are right by each other … because I truly believe you, me, and Kristi could solve all the world’s problems if we had enough time together.
  9. I snore.  (I wish it wasn’t true.  I’ve denied it for years.  But I’m over 40 and it’s just a fact of life these days.)
  10. I will cry when we have to say good-bye … it’s what I do.

Okay, so that’s it … please don’t back out on me!! 🙂

Do you get nervous attending conferences?  How do you prepare your nerves?


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  1. I love conferences and wish I could go to more. The last one I attended was 2 yrs ago and it was so much fun!!!!!!! I had packed just enough “stuff” and the right outfits, which was unusual. I’m a minimalist on jewelry, so no worries there. I think the only thing was I never had enough coffee to stave off headaches (then again, who knew I had a condition helping that along? I sure didn’t, not for 2 months after).

  2. It took me months before I would get in an elevator again, and I’m secretly hoping my room is on the first floor 🙂 It will be lovely to see you again!!

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