The 411 on Parenting from the Overflow

I am so stinkin’ excited y’all!  I mean, really, over the top thrilled!

Parenting from the Overflow releases on Monday!

Parenting from the Overflow

So, here are the answers to a couple of questions I’ve been asked about this book.

What is Parenting from the Overflow?

This parenting gig is hard work!  The days are long and the nights can be even longer.  Often as moms we find ourselves pulled into the undertow of diaper changes, carpools, and the never-ending laundry pile.  In Parenting from the Overflow, I invite you into this truth: we parent best when we remember we are children of our heavenly Father first. 

What makes this book different from the hundreds thousands of other parenting books I could buy or already have on my shelf?

This isn’t really a book about parenting, it’s a book about your heart.  Rather than focusing on tips and techniques, I exploreshow our lives can overflow with qualities such as love, patience, grace, and courage, all rooted in God’s work in us, not our efforts or abilities.  Parenting from the Overflow is practical, encouraging, and filled with honest stories from my own journey of learning to lean into God so the overflow of Him pours on to those around me.

Parenting from the Overflow is more than a method or theory, it’s a biblically-based framework for living in the abundance God has for each of … and modeling that life for our children.

Designed for the busy mom, each chapter is broken into four sections.  I know how life really works—so I wanted you to be able to sit down and read for 5 minutes and receive encouragement and challenge, even if you can’t finish a chapter.  Each chapter concludes with Just for Moms questions for you to slow down and consider how to apply what you have read.  In addition, there are application and reflection questions within each chapter.

I’m thrilled that Kate Battistelli, the mother of Christian recording artist Francesca Battistelli, wrote the foreword for Parenting from the Overflow.  Kate is an amazing encourager and a fabulous role model for all of us moms.  I appreciate her willingness to be a part of this project!  If you haven’t read her book, Growing Great Kids: Partner with God to cultivate His purpose in your child’s life, you should.

So, the final questions:

How and where can I get my copy?

Good news!  Parenting from the Overflow will be available Monday … you can get it for your Kindle or Kindle app, in print, or as a PDF.  The Kindle and PDF versions will be $5.  The print version will be $8 and available through Amazon or here on my website.

Will you have an affiliate program?

YES!  I am thrilled to be able to offer an affiliate program for Parenting from the Overflow.  I would LOVE for you to become an affiliate for Parenting from the Overflow and am offering a 50% commission for all sales of the PDF version of the book.  If you are an Amazon affiliate, you can earn commissions on sales through Amazon on both Kindle and print versions.  Affiliate information will be available this weekend on the Parenting from the Overflow sales page.

Let me leave you with this quote from the book:

My heart is set on being a child who first sits at the feet of her Father, who calls out for His guidance and leans on His Word. And as I focus on being the child He created, I am certain of this:

He will give me the wisdom to parent the child He has entrusted to me.

Now would be a great time to join me on Facebook and Pinterest where I’m seeking to encourage moms who want to parent from the overflow!

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