#MustRead 31 Days SeriesThe Reluctant Sojourner

Must Read 31 Days www.terilynneunderwood.com

Do you know Jessica?  You should.  She has a wise and tender heart and makes the beautiful and powerful art with her words. For example,

More often than not, I want to live as Christ in ways that make me feel good…in comfort, in predictability, in success, in control. Knowing that open-handed living means I am utterly not in control is scary.

This month she’s writing every day on being a sojourner, to realize {and live in} the truth this world is not our home.  She’s tackling some tough questions like, What does it mean to live as Christ?  Not theoretically, not the church, but me—you—what does it mean in my life to live as Christ?

It’s good stuff. Powerful and challenging, but written with a kindness and openness that can only come from a sincerity of heart. 

So, go, check it out … you won’t be sorry!

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