Living in the Overflow

Walking Wounded Conference

This past weekend I was honored to speak at the Walking Wounded Conference in Brunswick, Georgia.  As the final speaker, I had the opportunity to listen to women from across the Golden Isles share about the ministries available in that area for women who are dealing with issues ranging from pornography to post-abortive stress.

I thought I’d share a bit from my talk titled “Living in the Overflow.”

We can never live in the abundance, the overflowing fullness, until we are prepared to give up our agendas, routines, “to do” lists, and plans to trust the path God has for us . . . even when, especially when, it looks nothing like what the world calls normal.

When we look at our lives through the lens of grace, there is no room for circumstances or situations to control our hearts because the lives we have are entirely the gift of grace—abundant,undeserved, amazing grace.

Sacrifice isn’t easy! It won’t be what we want to do.  In fact, if it’s what you want to do, if it comes easy, it probably isn’t sacrifice!  Sacrifice will always cost you something.

When we live sacrificially, we draw attention to God not ourselves.

Living in the overflow starts with love . . . and finds its grace in contentment . . . but an overflowing life is one marked by obedience and sacrifice.

What does God see when He looks at you?  A life functioning in the undertow and riptides of this world?  Or one living in the abundant overflow of His work and grace and plan for you?


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