Creating Time? 10 Simple Ideas

Is your to do list overwhelming?

Have you ever wished for just one more hour in the day?  Or one more day in the week?

Do you wish you could create more time?

Yeah, me too.  In fact, if we’re honest, I’d imagine we all do.  We cannot make our days last 25 hours, but we can find simple ways to use the time we have better.  I’m no organizational expert.  If you were to come visit my house right now, you’d see my dining room table piled high with all the “stuff” that didn’t fit when we put our new furniture into the living room.  You’d also see the Easter decorations stacked up on every available space and I don’t even want to know what’s beneath the layers I can see.  But I am learning to slow down, to give my time to the things that really matter.  And it feels really good.

creating time


  1. Plan well.  As the old saying goes, “If you don’t plan your day, someone else will.”  Take control of your time.  {For a great tool to help you in this endeavor, I recommend Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free by Amy Andrews.  Hands down the best resource I have found for time management.  It’s only $2.99 for your Kindle or Kindle app.}
  2. “Catch up time.”  The truth is, I always have more tasks than time … and I’m easily distracted.  In effort to diminish the effects of this character flaw, I build catch up time into my day.  Allocate an hour each day for catching up.  {Here’s a hint, it’s best not to make this the hour before you go to bed.   You’ll be too tired.  #VoiceOfExperience}
  3. Group like tasks.  This is one of those tips that’s given in every organization book out there … because it works!!
  4. Establish your priorities for each day.   I usually have about 2 or 3 priorities per day.  Any more than that won’t probably get done anyway so why set myself up for disappointment.
  5. Start well.   Begin your day by asking God what His plan for these hours is.
  6. Make a list … then mark off 10%
  7. Give yourself some playtime.   You are going to get on Pinterest or play Words with Friends.  You enjoy it and it relaxes and even inspires you.  Admit it … and build it into your routine.  #WithoutFeelingGuilty
  8. Delegate.   Here’s something that just might shock you but pay close attention.  You don’t have to do it all!!  Someone else may do it differently but just enjoy that it’s done.
  9. Delete.  There are things you do (or feel guilty about not doing) that really don’t matter.  Want to know what you can delete?  My best advice, ask your husband.   He’ll probably be glad to tell you what things you really don’t need to worry about.
  10. GO TO BED!!  Want to create more time in your day … get enough rest!!  It’s not rocket science, I know, but you will be more productive and feel better if you are well-rested.

So, there you have it … my suggestions for creating time.  Or maybe they are really just ideas for using the time you have better.

What’s your best time for creating time in you day?


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  1. These are practical reminders I can use when I am feeling better or my illness has really kicked in. I’m going to share your blog with my readers, because everyone is a little different in how they grab onto a concept. Today, yours was a kind of mind-rejuvenating boost, even though I am ill. Thank you, Teri Lynne, for all your wonderful blog posts. God bless you. He sure does use you in a mighty way to help other women. Hugs.

  2. Thank you for sharing these practical tips about time today. My favorite is pressing “delete” on some things before I go to bed. I am famous for trying to cram more into my day than I can handle.


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