Dear Friend who Dreams {a God-sized dreams post}

God-sized dreams

So, here’s the deal … I have too many friends who dream big, God-sized dreams and have faith that moves mountains and hearts that draw others close.  Therefore, I am modifying the assignment and writing a few postcards to some dreamers I know.  Hope Holley doesn’t mind too much. 🙂

keep dreaming www.terilynneunderwood.comStacey Thacker … one of the first blogging friends I made … and a dear friend now in real life

Dear Dreamer

Carey Bailey … whose smile lights up every room she’s in and who embodies joy in every way.

dear dreaming friend

Elizabeth May … a new friend, connected through the God-Sized Dream Team … but a soul sister in every way.

dear friend who dreams

Laura Pratt … my GSD buddy who has the biggest heart of anyone I know!

Since early this year, I’ve been sharing my dream in bits and pieces around here and you all—you readers and commenters and Facebook sharers and Twitter updaters‚ all of you have become the cheerleaders for where God is leading next in my life.  So, thank you, to each of you as well!  This little spot on the internet is a more beautiful place because you stop by.

Who are the cheerleaders in your life?

Linking up with Holley and all the incredible dreamers this week as we share letters to someone (some ones) who encourages!

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  1. This was so lovely… may God use your words to bless these women beyond what you could possibly imagine… Thank you for sharing.

    PS… I loved you in the (in)RL videos… your words were so beautiful friend.

  2. I love this…you have been blessed with some incredible encouragers in your life! No doubt this was such an encouragement to them, too. 🙂 Thank you for sharing…have a beautiful day!

    • Mel, I hope you caught the little link to your sweet space … you are a gift to me, girl! I’m thankful for the way you grace this space with your kindness and gentle spirit. You are one of those incredible encouragers in my life!! So thank you!!

  3. Oh my stars. You are such a gift girl! I can’t imagine doing this without you.

    I am so grateful God knew and brought us together! Know that I have your back, and I’m in this for the long haul. We’ll be like 90…blogging and writing and telling each other LOUDLY how much we love and adore each other!


    • 90 … yep, I do hope so!! And I also hope that we’ll be watching our girls live out their dreams and our grand-girls (and boys???) chase after theirs. But the best part will be singing still the praises of Him Who gives us the song and sharing His Word with everyone who will listen so they too will know He is the Giver of all dreams.

      xo right back!

  4. Oh girl I loved this! And you snuck in so many wonderfully fun links 🙂 You are so loved and adored and I love watching you pour out into the lives of these amazing women.

    • I’m sneaky … but there just wasn’t a way to say it all in one letter to one person … because this dream-chasing is a group effort and every voice I hear and every word I read and every heart that shares moves me closer to the One who gives the dream. You, sweet Crystal, are a part of that … so thank you.

  5. Oh my!!!! Sitting at my desk crying the “stupid” tears. 🙂
    Thank you!!! for your blessing. We will have steal away more time somehow – somewhere. Love all the enouragement you provided today.

    • Don’t cry!! There’s no crying in blogging!! (inane movie reference? why yes, i think i will.)

      Seriously, you are amazing and I’m a disaster most of the time. But, though my intentions rarely make it into actual doing, the thoughts and prayers for you remain constant.

  6. This may be the most beautiful post I’ve ever seen – and not just for those glorious post card images. Your heart shines through your words. There is so much love here, Anyone who can call you friend is truly blessed!

    • Oh girl … you bless me. I wish I could write a note to everyone who has come alongside me and say how much better my life is because people — like YOU — have cheered me on and loved on me and held my feet to the fire and didn’t let me quit. I’m the one who is blessed!!

  7. Such sweet encouragement not only to the ones you addressed the postcards to but to all of us that are reading them. Just to see that real deep rooted friend friendships can and do exist. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Teri Lynne, thank you so much for linking to me. Your encouraging words, beautiful heart and sweet spirit have blessed me in so many ways and I am excited to see what God has in store for our future endeavors 🙂


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