For the Dads {Happy Father’s Day!}

{This post was so easy to write because my both my dad and my daughter’s dad are the most incredible fathers! Thank you, Daddy, for always believing in me, always cheering me on, and always praying for me. I love you! And thank you, Scott, for giving our daughter the example of what a godly man is, for living a life of integrity, for teaching us to laugh more and live bigger, and most of all for loving both of us so wonderfully! I love you! Happy Father’s Day to the two men I love the most!!}

happy father's day ||’re celebrating you, dads!

For all the ways you make our lives better and fuller. For all the time you spent tinkering and fixing. For all the hours you’ve played catch and watched tiny feet tap across stages. For the sacrifices you have made so we could try new things and go different places.

You, the dads, you are awesome!

We’re honoring you, dads!

For your faithful service to our Lord. For your loving care toward us moms. For your patient teaching of our children. For your hard work at your job.

You, the dads, are awesome!

We’re recognizing you, dads!

For the late night Santa and Tooth Fairy duties. For changing diapers and changing tires. For manning the grill and cranking the ice cream churn. For always giving us the very best.

You, the dads, are awesome!

Today you’ll get cards with scribbled drawings of daddies and kids. You’ll receive neckties, coffee mugs, and a tool or two. And you’ll give hugs and tickles and kisses.

You’ll look at your wife and your kids and your heart will nearly burst with gratitude and love for all the ways God has blessed you.

And we, the moms, will be standing off to the side, watching it all and treasuring it up in our hearts. Because we know the real truth, we’re the ones who are blessed.

Thank you for the love and laughs and this amazing life we are living!

You, the dads, are awesome!

And we, the moms and the children, love you!

Happy Father’s Day!!

{photo credit: Heather Mouser Photography}

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