#SmallTownUSA: Patriotism

Welcome back to the second month of the #SmallTownUSA photo linky!  This month we’re celebrating small town patriotism.   I have to admit I had a hard time choosing a photo for this month.  I have a thing for taking photos of the American flag and I have quite the collection of flag photos.  For example, this one taken at the Shiloh National Battleground.

American Flag || Shiloh Battlefield || www.teriynneunderwood.com/blog

But there are also the obligatory food photos, like the yummy Red, White, & Blue Strawberries my girl made for last year’s Memorial Day celebration.

holiday food || www.terilynneunderwood.com/blog

But I finally landed on this one, a good ol’ fireworks photo!  I took this last year while we visited my parents in Palmyra, Missouri {population 3587}.  Each year the City sponsors a fireworks show at the fairgrounds.  So we loaded up our bottled water and forgot the fold-out chairs.  We stood on the bleachers where fair-goers watch the various livestock entertainment each fall.  Instead of cattle roping or barrel racing, we watched this:

#SmallTownUSA Patriotism || www.TeriLynneUnderwood.com/blog

 Tell me, where do you watch fireworks each year?

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  1. I kept my daughter (she’s 6) up late for the city’s fireworks for the first time this past Saturday. We watched them at a nearby park. After anticipating them all day, she loved them. We thought a storm was going to cancel them, but they managed to shoot them off right after the storm ended.

    I’ve been wanting to join your #SmallTownUSA series, so I’m glad I got to today: http://www.kristinhilltaylor.com/2013/07/smalltownusa-celebrating-on-corner-of.html


  1. […] we gather together to celebrate freedom.________I’m joining Teri Lynne Underwood and her #SmallTownUSA series. Want more stories? Like 152 Insights on Facebook. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. […]

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