Freedom’s Requirement

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Today, like countless other families across the United States, we’ll be gathering with people we love to eat and swim and watch fireworks.  We’ll don our red, white, and blue and take a moment to recall those who bravely stood for freedom’s cause and those who today wage the battle in deserts and cities around the world to keep our nation safe and secure.

But also today, I’ll take a time to remember the 27 million people who are enslaved around the world.  The ones  organizations like The Exodus Road seek to rescue from sex slavery.  The ones organizations like FreeSet offer hope and opportunity for a whole new life.

Today, I hope you will celebrate the richness of freedoms we hold dear.  But will you also pray for those who stand in harm’s way, those who raid brothels, those who are trapped and afraid, those families who long for news of the loved one who is missing.

Let us treasure our freedom … but let us also take action to provide freedom for others!

If you would like to get involved in the fight for freedom for the 27 million slaves in our world, here are some organizations you can support:


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