Back to School … Already???

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School starts today.  Today, y’all.   My sweet girl’s last year of middle school begins TODAY.. We spent the weekend at the Watermelon Festival in our community and now, just like that, summer is over.

This summer was not been the easiest on record around here. So I’m sorta looking forward to school starting as an opportunity readjust and start again. I’ve got high expectations for the coming school year. I’m excited to watch my girl cheer and participate in Show Choir programs and productions. I’m hoping to find the perfect schedule that keeps the laundry caught up and the grocery shopping done. And I’m planning for some great family times together.

But I’ve learned to hold my expectations loosely. It’s easy to get consumed with what we want to happen and find ourselves disappointed and unable to appreciate the joys and blessings of the days we have.

Join me today at Not Quite Amish where I’m sharing three guidelines for managing expectations during seasons of change.

See you there!

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    • Oh girl, thank you for your kind words this morning. I’m sitting here with my coffee in my very quiet house … and trying to remember how to function without someone saying, “What are we going to do today?” 🙂

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