There Are No Orphans of God: Orphan Sunday 2013

One of my favorite songs of the past few years is “Orphans of God.” There is such beauty in these words …

There are no strangers

There are no outcasts

There are orphans of God.

So many fallen

But hallelujah

There are no orphans of God.

Today is Orphan Sunday.  While we know there are no orphans of God, no child without a Father in His kingdom, we also know there are an estimated 153 million orphans around the world. 153 million. 


What can we do? The numbers overwhelm.  The finances seriously overwhelm. The need leaves us weak-kneed and wondering how what little we can offer can ever be enough.

Here’s what I know …

The ways to make a difference are endless. The question isn’t how … the question is,

Will you?

Will you learn more about this topic?

Will you tell others what you learn?

Will you do something, no matter how small it seems to you, to impact the lives of the orphans?

And above all, will you pray?

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