5 Must Have Moments This Christmas

I’ve been thinking about what I really want this Christmas …

What are the moments I want embedded in my memory from this year’s celebration of Christ’s birth? I’ve learned if I don’t identify what really matters to me, I’ll get consumed with the details of what time to start the sweet potato casserole and which gifts go to which gathering and ultimately miss out on the very best moments of the season.

So I made a list, as we Type A people are prone to do. A list of sights and sounds I want to remember long after the mountains of trash are taken to the curb and the leftovers are dispersed among the family gathered around my table.

I thought about what moments couldn’t be captured for Instagram because the camera on my phone will never be able to grab all the sights and sounds and emotions and beauty of the people I love the most. I don’t want to miss the moments because I’m busy trying to get the photo. 

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what are your must have moments this Christmas?

These are the moments I want to experience. The images that won’t make it to my Facebook page or my Instagram feed.

The moments I will set my phone aside and fully engage.

Five Must Have Moments This Christmas

Retelling the story of a Baby born in a stable … the beauty of the Son of God wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Catching a glimpse of the sparkle in a child’s eyes … the excitement of Christmas morning.

Peering over the mess of discarded boxes and crumpled up wrappings to wink at my husband… the knowledge of the depth of our love for one another.

Listening to the cacophony of words and laughter as seats are drawn up to the dinner table … the blessing of our abundance.

Stilling heart and mind before the twinkling lights one last time before Christmas day ends … the gift of family and faith.

What are your must have moments this Christmas?

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Teri Lynne

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  1. These are things that I think about, especially this year! Our oldest is married and starting new traditions with her husband and family. No more hearing her little giggles or seeing her joy when she unwraps something she’s “always wanted!!”. In a few months, she’ll be the mom that experiences these joys for the first time with their new baby.
    We still have 5 at home and all are still young enough (even the 18 and 16 y/olds) to have the thrill of Christmas morning shining on their faces. The moments in 2 short mornings from now that the “trappings” will be put aside to capture the memory in our hearts. These times to look back on years from now and be able to retell the story as it happened and not as the lens saw it.

    Thank you so much for this special post!!

    • Oh Kela! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post … I love when your sweet face is in the comments. And I love this, “These times to look back on years from now and be able to retell the story as it happened and not as the lens saw it.” Just beautiful!! That is exactly how I feel!!

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