Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore {Book Review}

I have to admit. I’m looking forward to 2014. Well, except the part where my girl starts high school next fall. I have mixed emotions about that part of the coming year.

But the truth is, after all the craziness of 2013, I have high hopes for next year. I’m anticipating some incredible things — I’m headed into the new year with an open heart and eager mind for what the Lord wants to do in me.

A key component to starting a year well for me is finding a great book to use for my quiet time in January. I like to start the year with something fresh and filled with hope and a little bit of challenge.

Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore || Review by Teri Lynne Underwood

I’ll be spending the first ten weeks of 2014 with Beth Moore’s latest book, Whispers of Hope. And I can’t wait.

I’ve already peeked through it and even read a few pages here and there. I’m enamored by the packaging … the ragged edges of the heavy paper lend to notes written in the margins and pouring out my heart as I explore the wisdom contained in the book.

The subtitle is “10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer.”

That also excites me.  I’m a study girl. I love to cross reference and discover the nuances of words in the original languages. I love following themes and ideas across the pages of my Bible. I love digging deep into meanings and application.

But prayer doesn’t come so easily. The idea of focusing on prayer during the first ten weeks of the coming year thrills me.  I love the P.R.A.I.S.E. format Beth suggests in this book for organizing prayer. I hope it will help me grow more comfortable in praying.

Each devotion is about a page and the book leaves plenty of room for writing and adding my own thoughts. I’m excited to get started with it … and looking forward to seeing how God will use my focus on prayer to infuse the rest of 2014 with something amazing!

If you are looking for a devotional that will build your prayer life while keeping the focus on Scripture, I highly recommend Whispers of Hope.

Have you picked out your next devotional? How do you decide what to use?

{I received a copy of Whispers of Hope for the purpose of review. I did not receive any additional compensation and the opinions in this review are entirely my own. The link below is an affiliate link. If you purchase through it, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.}

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