Blogger of the Month? How Cool!

So … about two weeks ago I got an email and it said,

“Hello Teri Lynne! I want to offer you and your blog the Blogger of the Month spot in January for Alabama Women Bloggers. I hope you are interested.”

Um, hello? Blogger of the Month? For the Alabama Women Bloggers which is a group I adore? Duh, yeah.

And so, this month I’ll be featured each week with a post relating to the January theme — Start.  Pretty cool, huh?

Start || Teri Lynne Underwood for Alabama Women BloggersHere’s a little snippet {which will hopefully inspire you to go Alabama Women Bloggers and read the rest and leave a comment so I won’t be the lamest blogger of the month they’ve ever invited *subtle hint*!}:

Is anyone else wondering how it is already 2014? I can’t wrap my head around the fact 2013 is over — seems like it just started, ya know? I need to confess something before we go any further: I’m a starter. But I’m not always great at finishing. In fact, I’m pretty bad at it. I’m the one who gets the laundry washed, dried, folded, and then leaves it sitting in the basket instead of putting it away. I’m the one who got 27 days of a 31 day series written. I’m the one with four book proposals started.

I like to start. I like January 1 and I love Mondays. I like beginnings. I like to plan and dream.

But somehow I get distracted somewhere in between the start and the finish of most things. The enthusiasm I have for new projects and ideas wanes somewhere between middle and end.  Can anyone else relate?

Read the rest … and then join me again there every Monday this month as I explore the idea of starting.

And, just out of curiosity, do you get distracted somewhere in the middle and fail to finish what you’ve started? {C’mon, help a girl feel a little less like a dork!!}

Teri Lynne

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5 Replies to “Blogger of the Month? How Cool!”

  1. So excited for you! I found you on AWB. Looking forward to reading your posts!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I’m so glad you stopped by and I look forward to connecting with you.

  2. Teri, I am good at starting things but never finishing them. I start projects at home, Bible studies online, art journal classes, but I never seem to be able to finish. I’ll be active for 2-3 weeks, then something distracts me and I don’t get back to what I started.

    1. Oh girl! Me too!! It just makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one! 🙂

  3. […] last week’s affirmation that I’m not the only start-no-finish girl in Alabama, I began to think about all the things in life we start that really have no finish.  You know, […]

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