28 Days, 28 Ways: Pray for His Wife

{Sundays are going to be our prayer days in this series. Each week I’ll offer a guide for you to use as you invest in your marriage through prayer.}

28 Days 28 Ways: Investing In Your Marriage || TeriLynneUnderwood.com

Pray for His Wife

Yeah, I’m going there. In fact, I’m going there first — before I ever share ways you can pray for your husband. Stormie Omartian explains it far better than I could in her book, The Power of  a Praying Wife:

The hard part about being a praying wife, other than the sacrifice of time, is maintaining a pure heart. It must be clean before God in order for you to see good results. That’s why praying for a husband must begin with praying for his wife. (25)

As we devote ourselves to prayer, we find the Lord will reveal those areas in our own hearts that need confessing and pruning. As we grow stronger in our own relationship with the Lord, we become far better at interceding for our husbands.

28 Days, 28 Ways: Pray for His Wife || Teri Lynne Underwood

Today, I want to offer you three areas of prayer for yourself. In reading about marriage, being married, and watching other married couples, I’ve noticed there are some common factors in strong marriages. And, since you are reading this series, I’m going to believe you are definitely committed to doing all you can to make sure your is a strong marriage. Here are three of the most important ways you can pray for your husband’s wife.

Pray for Your Attitude toward Your Spouse

Ask the Lord to reveal to you any areas where you have harbored a bad or bitter attitude toward your spouse. Confess those things and ask for an ongoing conviction when you begin to drift toward those attitudes in the future.

Pray for Your Words toward Your Spouse

Oh friend! This one is huge!!! Far too often I’ve heard women make degrading remarks to their husbands. Just don’t! And if you do struggle in this area, be honest with someone and seek accountability.

Pray for Your Attraction toward Your Spouse

Let’s be honest … in the midst of our chaotic lives we often find ourselves lacking in the “physical attraction” area toward our spouses.  We know what he wants but it just feels like one more thing we have to do.  I believe praying that God will increase your attraction toward and desire for your spouse is so important when you get into those seasons. I assure you, we’ve all been there … but your marriage will never grow stronger if you choose to stay there.

I encourage you to make some time today to get alone with the Lord and pray over these things. Know this, an investment of prayer multiplies exponentially … and it is one of the most powerful ways you can dig deep into your marriage.

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  1. My husband and I have started 2014 by deciding to pray together every night before we go to bed. This has always been a challenge for us but I am determined that this will be a permanent change in our marriage relationship! But I need to increase my private prayer for my husband and for myself towards my husband!! Thank you for thus day 2 challenge!!
    If couples prayed together regularly and for each other, the devil would never be able to get his foothold in their marriage to ultimately tear them apart!! First to commit to on another “until death do us part” and then to follow that commitment with prayer privately for ourselves and then for our spouse the separation/divorce rate would drastically decrease!! What a powerful combination!! Commitment & prayer!!


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