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Hello sweet friends!

I’m pretty sure you think today’s idea might be a little crazy. I mean, selfies are those goofy pictures all the teenage girls {like mine!} take while they are making that ridiculous duck face in random restrooms.

I know, I almost felt crazy for adding this to the list … but I realized something — We don’t like photos of ourselves because we feel like we never look good. {I know!} But if we are going to make the decision to believe it when our husbands compliment us and we want to learn to see ourselves the way he sees us … well, maybe this is just the hard first step we need to take.

So, here’s the deal … snap a photo on your phone and send it to your husband. Remind him you are thinking of him and you love him. He’ll love it!

send him a selfie || TeriLynneUnderwood.com

And if you don’t have a phone that takes and sends pictures, don’t stress!! Just send him an email with a photo of you attached or go old school and draw a picture {stick figures are fine!} of the two of you and give it to him when he gets home.

The point isn’t the photo … the point is letting him know you are thinking of him and you choose to trust his love for you isn’t just skin deep {but also that you understand he does like that skin of yours!}.

Whatcha waiting for? Send him a selfie!!

What will your husband think if you send him a photo of you during the day with a reminder that you are thinking of him and love him?

Cheering you on,

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