28 Days, 28 Ways: Accept His Compliments

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Almost four years ago I wrote a post titled More than “The Most” is “The Only.” It wasn’t the most popular post I’ve ever written but it remains one of my favorites. It’s a simple story about a night in our life when I finally realized what a gift it is to be seen through the eyes of my husband.  I wrote this:

I’m learning, sometimes slowly, to remember this … When he says ”You are beautiful”  … wherever, whenever …  I need to stop and see myself as he sees me … a woman, a friend, a lover, a soul-mate, a dream-catcher, and a hand-holder. Where I, far to often, see failure and “mess” … Scott sees passion and love and beauty.

Accept His Compliments || Teri Lynne Underwood

And you know what … when your husband looks at you, he doesn’t see all the spit-up and messy hair and mismatched socks. He isn’t counting wrinkles and he doesn’t notice the stretch marks. He sees his wife … the one he committed to love, honor, and cherish.  So when says, “You’re beautiful!” He means it … he believes it.

And one of the greatest gifts you can give him is not to argue with him about why he’s wrong … but to smile and graciously accept his compliment and know he needs and wants you to believe that he means it.

How do you typically respond to your husband’s compliments?

Cheering you on,

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  1. This is a tough one for me!! I never thought about it this way before! I have a very hard time receiving compliments and even harder time believing them. This is something I have been working on this very truth this past year… My Self worth… Thank you for this insight and I am going to go locate that blog post you mentioned!! We are God’s masterpiece, His beautiful creation!!! I am beginning to believe it!! Have a blessed Thursday!!


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