We Rested

family We spent our spring break at my parents’ house in Missouri. There’s just nothing like going to your momma and daddy’s house, is there? My mom was sick most of March so I spent a couple of days getting her laundry caught up and helping her with whatever she needed.  My daddy took most of the week off while we were there. It was not one of those weeks packed with activity. We went shopping for a few hours one day and saw the new Muppets movie another. But mostly we just hung out.

The girl spent most of her free time watching a “Reba” marathon. After all the craziness of cheerleading tryouts the week before spring break, I think she just needed unstructured down time. We managed to play some UNO Attack {a family favorite} and, of course, we ate.

We rested. Which was exactly what we needed.

We’d had eight weeks of non-stop motion! I spoke at four events, we hosted a ladies conference at our church, we were part of a DNow weekend for our church’s youth group, and then there was cheerleading! 🙂 And the nine weeks ahead of us  are full as well … Easter {which involves a great deal of extra time and preparation for my worship-leader husband}, spring musical for the girl, homework, cheerleading practices, and I’m trying to finish up a few big projects for this spring. We’re in that season of busy.

Every week brings its own challenges and beauty. I’m learning to embrace both.

Matthew 11:28

This week will be full and crazy between Scott leading worship at a revival that started last night and all my final preparations before leaving for Refine: the Retreat {early!} Thursday morning. Life is back to its normal pace of somewhere between “hurry up” and “we have to leave NOW.”

But last week, we rested. And, once again, I’m aware of the way God is always looking out for me, always offering me exactly what I need.

Cheering you on,

How has God offered you exactly what you needed lately?

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