Happy Easter!

Happy EasterIt’s Easter Sunday, or Resurrection Sunday if you prefer.

Lots of families will be waking up early to watch children peer into Easter baskets filled with special reminders of how much they are loved. Moms will be putting hams and scalloped potatoes in ovens and finishing up deviled eggs. Pastors will put final touches on sermons and prepare to share the promise of salvation with the larger-than-normal crowds. After church, families will gather around tables overflowing with food. Children will hunt eggs and eat chocolate bunnies and a few will probably get grass stains on their Easter finery. After the dishes are done and children are settled, some will indulge in that best of Sunday afternoon traditions — the nap.

Around the Underwood Abode, we’ll be doing many of those same things. The nap probably won’t happen because tonight our church will be presenting a night of worship titled, “The Cross Is Enough.” And, you know, when you’re married to the worship leader, well, you sing in the choir. 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot about those four words … the cross is enough.

Do we really believe that? Because sometimes we live like we don’t. We get caught up in “the stuff” and the controversies — are Easter eggs sinful and that sort of thing. We weigh ourselves with unbalanced scales and we wonder why there always seems to be something missing. We question why all we do and what we say and all. the. stuff. doesn’t satisfy, doesn’t fulfill.

It’s simple really. The cross is enough.

All our platitudes and all our striving and all our doing and all our words … just stuff.

The cross is enough.

I don’t know where this Easter finds you. Maybe you are struggling to figure out if there is a God and, if so, what He has to do with you. Perhaps your strong faith has weakened and you are grasping for a glimpse of something more. And it could be you are faithful, steadfast in your devotion to the Lord … but deep inside you still wonder why something is missing.

Here’s what I know — the cross is enough.

The cross is enough to save us, to redeem all the brokenness, to heal all the wounds. Two thousand years ago a man was beaten and crucified. He hung on a cross and feeling forsaken, cried out to the Father. His final words, “It is finished.”

The price was paid, the debt erased. The cross was — and is — enough.

And Friday’s sorrow gave way to Sunday’s joy … “He is not here. He is risen.” {Matthew 28:6} He’s alive! Oh friend, let me promise you this today, the day we celebrate the risen Christ …

The cross is most assuredly enough!!

Happy Easter!
Teri Lynne

 image source: Lightstock.com

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  1. Beautiful reminders and great truth! Thank you friend! The cross truly is enough, but to have it’s effect on my life I have to accept it and live changed. Your words blessed me this morning!

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