When Life Brings the Unexpected

when life brings the unexpected || teri lynne underwood

Life often brings us the unexpected.

We face situations and experiences that don’t make sense. Healthy people get sick out of the blue. Long-term jobs are eliminated. Well-behaved children make crazy choices. Tornadoes destroy cities and families.

when life brings the unexpected || teri lynne underwood


Life isn’t fair. And some days, it feels particularly unfair.

I’ve been reading Tricia Goyer’s book, Plain Faith, and I love the story of Ora Jay and Irene and their journey toward hope.  The book arrived the same day I got out of the hospital and I’ve been slowly reading their story as I make my own journey toward healing.  Toward the beginning of the book, Ora Jay says this,

God granted us the ability to feel the ache and hollowness in our souls for a while. But on our journey to find respite, we never expected what was to come. We found Jesus waiting . . . as we were never taught He could be.

A promise for our present.

A simple hope for our eternity. {p.43}

Join me at Not Quite Amish where I’m sharing some important reminders I’ve gained from reading Ora Jay and Irene’s story during a season I couldn’t have expected in my life.


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