Some Lessons from Pinterest

Lessons from Pinterest || Teri Lynne Underwood

I spent some time this weekend updating my boards on Pinterest. I combined a few boards and deleted some I’d made for specific events now over. As I looked at pins and boards, I noticed a few things about myself. And, since it’s Monday and I’m trying to figure out ways to avoid the mountain of laundry that has accumulated around here over the weekend, I thought I’d share what I learned, some lessons from Pinterest.

I have great intentions.

Seriously! If you look at my boards, you’ll find ideas for sewing, home decorating, healthy living, and tons of DIY projects. All those recipes and tutorials are fabulous. I mean, after all, I took the time to hit the “pin it” button and determine where they fit best on my boards. However, you’ve undoubtedly heard the saying about good intentions.

The crazy events of late have reminded me how fragile life is and how important it is to move from intention to investment.

Good intentions simply aren’t enough.

All those heart-healthy recipes aren’t worth anything if I never actually buy the ingredients and fix the meal.

All the ideas for redoing our girl’s bedroom don’t mean anything if we never actually buy the paint and get started.

All the blog posts and quotes about experiencing the beauty of Sabbath are wasted if I never make myself stop and experience the quiet stillness of rest.

It’s so easy to think we’re doing something when we really aren’t.

We pin and read and share … but we never actually DO. Perhaps it’s time for some “Pinterest bankruptcy.” Time to delete the pins and boards. Time to give up on the pursuit of perfection and the desire for more or different.

Maybe, it’s time for us to spend more time in Philippians learning to be content than on Pinterest craving what others have.

Maybe we need to invest our efforts on forgiveness and not playing games on Facebook.

Maybe there is a greater need for 140 minutes spent in serving our community than for crafting 140 character tweets.

Or maybe that’s just something God is showing me. Regardless, as this week begins, I’m choosing quality investment over good intentions.

And you’re welcome to join me!


How have you been caught up in thinking you’re doing something when you really aren’t?

p.s. By no means am I giving up Pinterest … it’s one of my favorite resources! This post is really less about Pinterest and more about my heart.

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