Summer Update

I’m the worst blogger ever.

It’s true … I want to write.  I mean to write. But then somehow I end up watching a “Friends” marathon with my girl and I realize how very uninteresting a story that makes so I make a list of blog posts I could write.  You know, things like “101 books you should read this summer” or “Tips for Looking Busy” …

The thing is, well, there’s been a lot going on around here and I’m pretty much an epic failure at multitasking. {And perhaps I have a very low standard of how much needs to be done in order to call a day successful.} And I’m finding sometimes the moments are better savored in my memory than scratched out on the page.

So, I thought I’d give a little update … and share a few things I’ve been working on behind the scenes.

summer update

Post Heart Attack

I’m having a hard time adjusting to the medicines. I am hoping to get a second opinion from a different cardiologist in August. We have a lot of unanswered questions about what led to my heart attack and what I can do now to prevent another one. Your prayers as we seek answers are greatly appreciated.

Cheer Mom

Yowza, y’all! This is sort of a full time job!  But I have to admit … I LOVE IT!! I’ll have to do a whole post {eventually} about the cute gifts I did for the girls before camp. Seriously, I’m trying not to be like one of those women on “Dance Moms” … but I might have a little obsession with cheer bows.

She Speaks

I cannot believe I’ll be at She Speaks NEXT WEEK. Unbelievable! I’m working hard on my two sessions for the pre-conference and I’m excited to be co-leading a session during the main conference with Amy Carroll and doing another special session for the Advanced Speakers as well. This is really a dream come true for me and I’m so honored to have been asked.

Speaking Events

I just scheduled my first event for 2015. Wow! If your church is planning on a retreat or other event this fall or winter, I’d love to come share with your ladies. For more information about my speaking ministry check out my Speaking page.


I have a few projects in process … including a couple of Bible studies and a new book. This fall is going to be full of writing and releasing! If you are interested in helping me spread the word about these projects, please email me: teri {at} terilynneunderwood {dot} com.  I’d love to have a team of 8 to 12 — and I’m not looking specifically for bloggers so if you just love reading and using social media, please feel free to contact me!


Coaching has really captured my heart right now. I love helping people sort out their goals and develop a plan for reaching them.  I’ve got some great clients. {More information on coaching here.}

So that’s the news around here … Scott and I celebrated our 18th anniversary in June. You can keep up with Buddy the Basset’s antics as well as all the random craziness of my life through my Instagram. And if you haven’t already, please like my Facebook page where we can chat about all sorts of randomness.

I promise, this fall I’ll be back on track … well, maybe promise is too strong a word.  I really hope!! 🙂 Thank you for sticking with me … and for being such sweet encouragers in my life.


What’s going on in your life this summer??

Read the Psalms this summer with Scripture Dig!


  1. I hope your meds get straightened out soon…I know for myself, when I’m not at my best physically, I’m certainly not at my best emotionally. Or mentally. Love you.

  2. First off, there’s nothing wrong with a good Friends marathon!
    Secondly, let’s see that list off 100 blog posts. . .I’m always looking for good topic suggestions.

    It sounds like you’ve definitely got A LOT going on and the reason you haven’t been blogging is that you’ve been living life to its fullest (tv marathons and all).

    Oh, and Happy anniversary!

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