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Oh y’all! My favorite time of year has arrived — college football season!! Last night Texas A&M beat Steve Spurrier’s team at South Carolina without Johnny Manziel and I was delighted! The Vandy game was delayed due to rain and didn’t kick off until almost 10 pm. If I hadn’t been exhausted from helping unpack at my grandparent’s new house all day I totally would have stayed up to watch that.

Tonight is the first home football game in our little southern town … which means the banners will be hung around the stadium and I will get teary when the band plays the national anthem. Here’s hoping our Golden Tigers have a great year!!  Saturday my Auburn Tigers will be playing Arkansas and I’ll be making my first day of football season meal — chicken stew and cornbread. I’m pretty sure a yummy Texas sheet cake might be the perfect dessert.

And it’s Labor Day weekend which means no school on Monday and since it’s still hot as blue blazes here in North Alabama, we may end up in the pool. All in all, this weekend is looking fantastic!! I thought I’d share a few things that have caught my eye this week and give you a little bit of reading material for your weekend.

Great articles

Back to School: 1970s vs. Today — hi.lar.i.ous. Scott and I were dying over how funny {and so true!} this post was.

One of my very best friends and her husband are leaving next week for China to pick up their precious new son, Joel. Read more about their journey and the ministry who will be filming their experience on Sandra’s blog.

And this little gem seems to have gone viral {at least based on my Facebook feed}Jen Hatmaker Ruined My Marriage. Seriously, just read this during a TV timeout in the middle of one of the games you watch this weekend. And don’t take a drink before you start reading or you may spit your soda all over your computer screen which would be bad, very bad. 🙂

Last week I mentioned my fascination with capsule wardrobesthis week I created mine. I shared a bit about it here on the blog and will be revealing the pieces I chose and what I am still looking for in the next couple of weeks.

Great reads

I finished Home: A Memoir of My Early Years by Julie Andrews last week … love.

Now I’m reading The Writing Life by Annie Dillard. So, so good.

Great pins

I’ve been looking for a cute gift for my cheer girl and this might just be the one I choose — how adorable is this applique?

via Beloved Bows {added to my cheerleading pinterest board}

via Beloved Bows {added to my cheerleading pinterest board}

And of course you I’ve been pinning to both my Autumn and football boards like crazy!! 🙂

Great sale

Make sure you check out the Jesus Calling Collection sale at Dayspring!  40% code is JCOFF40!!

Jesus Calling Product Line on sale - 40% off!If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter— do it!

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Hope your weekend is fabulous!! What are your plans??



Here’s a summary of my week in photos — unpacked at my grandparents’ new house which is only an hour or so away from me; spent some time in Philippians; James Ed!; challenged by David’s writing in Psalms; and painting my girl’s Tiger Paw. My life is so spectacularly glamorous. {not} for your weekend 08292104

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  1. Eeeekkk! You’re an Auburn fan??!! Okay, I’ll forgive you 😉 I have never heard of Jen Hatmaker before that post, but it was hilarious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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