What I Learned in August

Hi everyone! It’s time to join Emily and a ton of other lovelies to share what lessons the past month has brought. Welcome to the August 2014 of What I Learned! 

What I Learned in August || TeriLynneUnderwood.com

Finding a rhythm takes time. Y’all, we are 3+ weeks into the school year and still haven’t managed to find a good flow. I’m determined not to rush the process and make my family crazy with my need for routine. We’ll get there … and about the time we do, football season will be over and we’ll start basketball and it will all be chaos again. But I have to say, the first few weeks of high school have been great!

When school starts I want it to cool off — NOW. We’ve been to two football games already and I’m really sick of the heat. Related to this, I also learned in August that painting a Tiger paw on the road headed to the football stadium when it’s 95 degrees outside and you don’t have any shade will lead to heat exhaustion. And if you had a heart attack 4 months prior, all the people around you will really freak out and worry and you’ll be greatly embarrassed by all the fuss.

My cleaning style is “Pick-Up Artist.” This quiz on BHG.com was fun to take and pretty accurate … so, here’s the truth about my cleaning personality —

Your house looks magazine-ready. Upon closer inspection … (You hate those, don’t you?). If only you could shift even some of that impressive neatnik focus off crooked picture frames and onto, say, dusty door frames. You find yourself putting a lot of time into cleaning but feel like the results aren’t visible. Stop the cycle and learn the secret to whole-house cleaning that will make your efforts all the more noticeable.

Capsule wardrobes are awesome!! I love my simplified closet and the fact that every thing I put on fits and I feel good in it. I am still looking for a fabulous pair of chocolate brown dress pants and some awesome wide leg jeans but otherwise, I think my fall capsule wardrobe is complete. {Also, if you are trying a fall capsule wardrobe and want to join a collaborative Pinterest board to share your outfits, inspiration, ideas, etc., please leave a comment. I have one started and would love to add you to it!!}

I always try to share a little bit from my quiet times/Bible study on Instagram throughout the month. Here are few nuggets from the past few weeks:

quiet time images ||august 2014

So, I think that sums up what’s been going on around the Underwood house for the past month. Looking at my calendar I’m guessing all the things I learn in September will be football or cheer-related. 🙂

What fun stuff did you do in August?

Teri Lynne

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  1. Oooooo….fun. I’ll be taking the house cleaning quiz for sure. I was thinking about that just yesterday. I’m sure I’m a surface cleaner…a “don’t look too close” kind of one. We’ll see. Thanks for the link. Also…love your geranium pic and the lesson you shared using it. Great visual (as are the scripture pics you share on Instagram). Fun post.

  2. Love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I also have a lot of just in case clothes. Since I live overseas I would have to have two- one that fits where I am living and one for the states with hopefully some overlap pieces. Thanks for sharing and I hope the weather cools down for all those football games.

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