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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have wondered about the story behind photos like these …

When we welcome someone in ... I realized recently I hadn’t ever explained how we came to have this precious person in our home. James is Scott’s great-uncle. He is 63 and has Down Syndrome. His mother {Scott’s great-grandmother} passed away in 1996 and since then James has lived with various members of the family including his sisters and cousins both here in Alabama and in Arkansas. Since July, he’s been with us … and it has been wonderful! While he is hard of hearing and his speech is often difficult to understand, James has truly embraced our home as his own. He goes to church with us and loves to watch Casiday cheer at ball games. And we think he has a crush on one of the college girls in our church.

James’ mother taught him the value of working and every day he sits at a little desk where he can watch the comings and goings in our neighborhood and he colors. Using one crayon until it is gone, he carefully fills in page after page of coloring books. At quitting time {4:00 p.m.}, he carefully puts away his books and crayons and settles in his room to watch old John Wayne movies or episodes of his favorite TV shoes like “Dukes of Hazzard.”

Every night at 10:00 he comes in to say good night and I walk into his room to help him get his slippers and socks off before I tuck him into bed.  I lean over and tell him how much I love him as I kiss him on the forehead.  He smiles and says, “I ub you too.”

And James Makes Four

“I ub you too.”

The power in those words is profound. James is what I long to be. Compassionate and diligent, loving and sincere.He loves to make us laugh and he’s quick to say, “I’m sorry.” He doesn’t worry about what to accomplish every day …. he just does what he can the best he can. He brings his dirty clothes to the laundry trusting they’ll be taken care of.  He sits down to eat believing he’ll like what he receives. He greets others with a smile and assures everyone he is “makin’ it fine.”

Maybe we all need to be more like James ...

Maybe we all need to be more like James.

I know I do.

Who in your life is a beautiful picture of Christ?

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  1. God bless you and God bless James. “He doesn’t worry about what to accomplish every day …. he just does what he can the best he can.” He’s my hero!

    • Oh Marci … he is just a gift for us. Exactly what we needed during this season of hurry up and get there high school life. He reminds us what really matters and how to treasure the beauty of life.

  2. Teri,
    Was James’ mother named Grace? Did he live in Melbourne, AR? If so, I was his pastor. Grace would watch our children while James Ed played with them.

  3. I only wish more parents would teach their “normal” children to be as diligent and loving as James and those like him usually are. The upbringing has so much to do with how they enjoy life and you are both blessed and a blessing. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Yes, if we could all just take life as it is and trust God more.

  4. Great story! I am friends with James’ cousin David and he shares this link with me. I have a 17 month old who has Down syndrome. She is such a blessing to our family as James is to yours.

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