What I Learned in October

Whew … October is over. JV football season has ended and while our Varsity team is headed to play-offs, my girl and her squad are now practicing basketball cheers. I can’t believe how fast this school year is going. We’re past mid-terms and looking ahead to Christmas break. Honestly, October wasn’t the best month ever. In fact, it was pretty hard. It wasn’t difficult for me to switch the calendar to November this year.

what I learned in October 2014

But, looking back, I realize I did learn a few things.

1.  Apparently, I look very different from year to year. I posted my wedding photo on Instagram and some of my BFFs said they would not have known it was me if I hadn’t said so. Scott is always making jokes about my hair color changing … but it seems it’s not just my hair — it’s my whole look. Here are few photos from the past five or six years and the wedding photo that started the discussion as well as a selfie I took last week.  What do you all think?

my hair over the years LOL


2. My capsule wardrobe has required some editing. After all the time I spent looking for the perfect pieces to add to my fall capsule wardrobe, I have ended up wearing only about half of them … however, I have had to add a few things to it as the weather here has been nothing short of ridiculous. I’ll be making some serious readjustments in how I plan for the winter capsule … and I’m realizing I probably need to do a two-month plan instead of three because of the weather.

3. I’m an early adopter in social media. I had Pinterest when it was still by invitation only and I started using Instagram way before most people had even heard of it. And so, it’s no big shock that I opened my TSU account during October. I like the premise of TSU but I haven’t quite figured out the best way to utilize it. Would love some tips from anyone else who’s there already. And if you haven’t opened your account, here’s the link to check it out.

4. Fried chicken makes everything better. We’ve eaten a ton of comfort foods when I’ve had time to cook this month … I think the stress of working on big projects, the weather changing, and some other emotional things we’ve faced just required those foods I love from my childhood. What’s your favorite comfort food?

5. Moms LOVE ideas for praying for their daughters. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the number of women who joined my 31 verses to pray for your girl series in October.  If you missed it, you can check out all the verses here … and get a printable to let your girl know you are praying here … and print out a list of the verses to keep in your journal or Bible here.

So there’s a recap of what I learned in October. I’m linking up with Emily and a bunch of other lovely bloggers who are sharing what they learned.

Did you learn anything fun last month? Do share …




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  1. 1. You are totally recognizable, but then again, I knew you when…
    2. I’m glad Casiday seems to be having a better adjustment to high school than we’re having at our house. Good golly Miss Molly.
    3. Don’t even talk to me about crazy weather if you want any sympathy! LOL
    4. I just entered smartphoneville and instagram is pretty fun.
    5. I love you!

  2. I haven’t seen you in person since 2010, but just from your pictures. Yes! You do change your look often! That is a skill! I always tend to stick to the same hair cuts and styles.

    And the praying for our girls? Yes!

  3. I learned that it is ok to pause and take care of myself for a moment. October was all about everyone else which is my passion but now it’s time for me. So for the month of November, I will place greater emphasis on my well being. I will still care for others but I will make a little time for myself.

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