When It All Feels Impossible

November was a blur around here … we’re full speed into basketball season and Christmas preparations and the occasional quiet moment when I could write a blog post but decide I’d rather indulge in a book. It’s likely this month will be about the same  …. I’ve got a few posts in mind but for the most part, I’m choosing to be offline more than on. And I’m really hoping you will do the same!

I am doing something special on Facebook {because I do manage to check in there and on Instagram almost every day} … and I’d love for you to join me.

Possible: 24 Advent Readings from the Gospel of Luke

Why on Facebook? Because it’s easy … and you can totally do all of this on your phone or tablet while you’re at a ball game or waiting in the car line or trying to pry your eyes open in the morning.

Here’s the thing … it’s way too easy to let this time of year become full of all we didn’t do … the great plans that fell through … the special moments we were too tired to enjoy … and it feels impossible to have the Christmas we see others experiencing on Pinterest and Instagram.

This morning I shared this on Facebook as we began our journey through the Gospel of Luke:

Welcome to Day 1 of “Possible” {or as I’m calling it, “Advent for the rest of us”}. If you’re like me, today started with a long list of things to do and you’re already tired before the day has begun. Sometimes I look at Pinterest and all the beautiful ways my friends celebrate this season and feel woefully inadequate. It feels impossible to do anything more than I already do which, most days already feels like not enough. Perhaps you can relate?

This year, I invite you to do less … forget the special calendars or reading a new book every day or decorating a special tree … leave all the self-imposed expectations behind. It may feel like you are failing … I know, it does for me. But what if our failure is really not failure but faith. Faith that God can take the few minutes we have to offer and use them in ways we cannot begin to imagine. What if we choose to believe in the possibility of the Gospel?

Today, carve out some time to read Luke 1. And if you can’t read the whole chapter, just make it a point to read verses 26 – 38. What God was calling Mary to do and believe felt impossible … but she was reminded of a truth we often forget — with God nothing is impossible. For the next 24 days I invite you to let go of your expectations and instead echo the heart of Mary, offering your whole self as a servant of the Lord, willing to be used however He decides.

A question to ponder and discuss: What feels impossible this holiday season?

Maybe that appeals to you? Maybe you’ve been waiting for someone to say it’s okay not to read that great book everyone else is reading and to remind you Christmas isn’t a failure if you don’t have a Jesse tree or special Advent calendar. Maybe you just need someone to come alongside you in the midst of all the real life busy you can’t avoid or escape and say, “It’s okay.”

That’s what I want to offer you … the beautiful truth that you can’t do it all and that doesn’t make you a failure. Accept the impossibility of what you can do this season …. and find freedom in embracing the very real possibilities God offers us instead.

Because you doing it all this Christmas is impossible ... but God at work in you and through you makes what is possible even more amazing!

Because you doing it all this Christmas is impossible … but God at work in you and through you makes what is possible even more amazing! Consider this your invitation to embrace the possible for the next 24 days … join me on Facebook as I share a journey through the Gospel of Luke and the wonder and beauty of all that is POSSIBLE!

Ready for 24 days of POSSIBLE?

See you on Facebook!

What feels impossible to you this holiday season?

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