For Your Weekend {“Friends” Marathon Edition}

for your weekend ... january 3, 2015

Oh my word, y’all! It’s Saturday morning and we’re having a little Friends marathon around here.  Thank you, Netflix! {Though we do own all ten seasons on DVD so we’ve been having Friends marathons since before the show went off the air.}

I’m currently watching my favorite episode ever: The One with All the Poker. So many great lines in just under 30 minutes. For example,

  • “Did you get that from the I Love Rachel pizzeria?”
  • “Oh hello, Kettle, this is Monica. You’re black!”
  • “Oh it’s like the mother ship is calling you home.”
  • “I would be shopping … For a living.”
  • “Guess what, guess what, guess what?”  “Okay, the fifth dentist caved and now they are all recommending Trident?”
  • “Oh that’s fine. We’ll see who has the last laugh there, monkey boy.”
  • “Yes!!! Or noooo.”
  • “Your money’s mine, Green.”  “Your fly’s open, Geller!”

And while I could use this whole post to share the hilarity, I think you should just watch the show! 🙂

So, how about I share some posts I’ve read recently that you might find interesting? I picked one post I thought would relate to each of the characters on Friends{You should know, some of these posts were written a month ago and I suppose it is evidence of how little time I’ve spent online that I’m just now reading and sharing them. Thank you, Feedly, for being such a great blog reader tool.}

For Monica, my favorite type A, way too busy, bossy, and demanding person:

10 Lies People Tell Themselves to Rationalize Their Overwhelmed Schedules on Lifehack — as the new year begins, this post from October is one that might help all of us start it out with the right attitude and perspective.

For Rachel, who definitely isn’t the poster child for doing things she doesn’t like:

Why I’m Doing Something I Don’t Like Doing Today by Jon Acuff — thank you notes and why they matter. Great post!

For Ross, whose kids would be 19 {Ben} and almost 13 {Emma}:

Maybe We’re Missing Something Very Important in This Parenting Thing on We Are THAT Family — if you wonder how to raise generous, compassionate kids, here is one of the key aspects.

For Chandler, who couldn’t BE any less likely to follow through on a resolution:

How to Not Set Yourself Up for Failure with New Year’s Resolutions by Jeff Goins — love this! A must read for all of us who have goals and dreams for the new year.

For Phoebe, who definitely would use this type of information:

Oatmeal and Honey Face Mask by Mrs. Potter — as we are learning more about using natural products in our home and for our health, ideas like this are super helpful! {Also, I love Monica Potter. And I am so very sad about the cancelation of the show Parenthood. But her blog is amazing!!!}

For Joey, who can always use help in appropriate conversation topics:

Conversation Cups Are Coming by Courtney DeFeo — Court is awesome! Seriously. You should read her book, In This House We Will Giggle. And be very excited with me about this new product she has created. I can’t wait to get a set for our home!

And one more because this was just too good not to share …

An Open Letter to Criminals about Our Current Vacation Status on Rage Against the Minivan — trust me, you will laugh at this … and if you have children at home, you will relate to this.

Oh! And here’s what Buddy is doing. He has a hard life.

Buddy the Basset Jan 3

So, there you have it … some reading for your weekend. Next week, I’ll be getting back on track with “real” blog posts. And I’m super excited about the series I will be starting on January 15 —



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