What I Learned in February

Time to share what we learned in February and link up with the lovely Emily of Chatting at the Sky. I don’t always remember to keep track of the little things I’ve learned each month but I do always love reading everyone else’s tidbits. This month, however, I did remember! Yay me! 🙂

What I Learned in February 2015

Eventually, you can miss so much school for snow that never comes that your child will WANT to go back to class. Truth.  Related: when the snow finally comes to your little southern town, your Yankee friends will mock you for being so excited but end up a little impressed at the six inches that fell in four hours and admit it is a lot of snow. Also related: one reason I love living in the south is that when it snows one day, the next day it will be warm enough to melt the snow on the roads and we won’t have to deal with all the snow mess.

what I learned in February

Rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar stinks … but it works! {Here is another DIY hair detox recipe. I haven’t tried this one but I’m pretty sure my daughter who thinks the apple cider thing is disgusting might be willing to do this one.}

When your daughter gets her braces off, you will cry because she looks so grown up and suddenly all you can see is her moving to college, getting married, and the days of her in your home will seem to be flying by. All the moms who told me this would happen were right.

What I Learned in February


You CAN hang sweaters and not get the shoulder boobs!! Seriously, this is life-changing information, y’all!!

Gallery walls are addictive. We started with one in my office area. I loved it. So after Christmas I added one above my piano. Now I want one in every room.

What I Learned in February

There’s a reason why I enjoy having hour-long shows playing in the background while I write … it’s the amount of time I can focus. I read this article in The Atlantic and was fascinated because I use Amazon Prime Video streaming as the “white noise” while I work. Music distracts me but apparently episodes of The Good Wife do not. Who knows how my brain works.  Anyway, with Prime streaming, I have to actually stop and hit play on the next episode which usually is my cue to get up and change the laundry or fix James’ lunch or whatever.

So, there you have it, a few things I learned this month. I also wanted to invite you to join me at the final Kitchen Table Talk with Brooke McGlothin and Stacey Thacker this Sunday night. We’ll be chatting about a chapter in their book, Hope for the Weary Mom, I have re-read a few times already—”When Gentle Words Won’t Come.” You can get all the information about how to dial in here.  Amber Lia is their other guest and I can’t wait to hear what these three incredible moms have to share!!

So, what did you learn this month?

Teri Lynne

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  1. I have recently discovered (where was I anyway!) The Good Wife but have not tried using it as background noise yet – maybe I will try it. I did have it playing on my tablet while doing dishes yesterday and it sure made the time pass more quickly. (We don’t have a dishwasher , seriously, I am it) Nice to meet you! I am visiting from chatting at the sky today.

    • Hi Mindy! I watched The Good Wife when it first came out and then sort of stopped for some reason I don’t really know. Anyway, it’s been fun to pick it back up. 🙂 Thanks for visiting. Isn’t Emily the best sort of wonderful?

  2. I used to use vinegar too! Now I’m back to Natures Gate (I just really like having suds in my hair.) 🙂 I love the Gallery Wall you have there! I think I’ll add a few myself! 🙂

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