A Prayer for the Hard Days

a prayer for the hard days

Yesterday was a very emotional day for some people we dearly love. They are in the middle of a difficult and draining situation. It’s hard knowing they are hurting and feeling helpless to do anything.

Last week, as we talked with them about what comes next, I was reminded how powerful hope is. I’ve leaned into Psalm 130:5—I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I hope; my soul waits for the Lord.

Some seasons we are called to hope and to wait. Those are not the seasons I like the most … but I’ve learned they are often the seasons where I learn the most. And they are also the seasons where I find myself buried in the sweetness of the Word of God.

As I’ve struggled to know how and what to pray,  several verses have become the foundation for my prayers. 2 Timothy 4:22 is one of those verses:

2 Timothy 4:22

But this verse isn’t just a prayer for the hard days … it’s for the every day as well. A prayer to offer up for others and for ourselves.  Join me at Not Quite Amish today — I’m sharing more about this verse there.


Teri Lynne

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