What if … We Learn to Live Well

Permission to Live Well

My heart is simply to invite others into the freedom, peace, and grace we find in the life to full Jesus offers us.  So often we get distracted by the thief who is constantly working to steal, kill, and destroy all the good and perfect gifts God offers to His children. This series has been my invitation to you to consider there is an option.  You don’t have to live in the frenzy and chaos and busy our culture promotes. You can choose something different, something other … something more.

What if we learn to live well?

Living well won’t happen by chance; we won’t just fall into a pattern of doing it. Living well is an intentional choice we make day after day.

what if we choose to live well {10 ways to live well in today's world}

How do we start?

First, we recognize living well in today’s world isn’t going to be easy. We’re going to battle against every societal norm and cultural expectation some days. When everyone else is doing more, we’ll be doing less.  While all the other moms around us are striving for perfection, we will be honest that sometimes good enough is our best.

Second, we wake up every morning and we make the hard choices. We choose to rest, even when there is so. much. left to do. We choose to be content, trusting our worth is found in Whose we are {not what we do}.

Third, we place a high value on chasing joy. We pursue our passions because we believe God delights in seeing us do so.  We laugh—a lot! We look for the beauty and fun in life. We make time for the unnecessary knowing sometimes it is the most needed of all.

Fourth, we embrace community. Knowing how hard community is, we still choose to take off the masks and invite others into the mess. We choose to be authentic and open—even in the craziest and ugliest parts of our lives—knowing we were created for community.

Fifth, we accept ourselves as image bearers of the God of all creation. As His beloved, we choose to give ourselves grace just as He so freely gives to us … and we trust that even when we mess everything up NOTHING is beyond His redemption.

what if we choose to live well {10 ways to live well in today's world}


We’ve spent the past few weeks looking at ten ways to live well in today’s world. I haven’t shared anything earth-shattering or new. You’ve heard all of this before, probably multiple times. But here’s the thing: knowing it isn’t enough. We have to choose to live it! You can learn to live well.  So can I! We’ve got a kind and generous Teacher who longs to guide us gently into the abundant life He offers.

Will you accept His invitation?


Teri Lynne

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